Wiped Out

I have a small rant today.

Like Liam’s rear end, I get a little chapped during the diaper changing process when I reach for a wipe and it remains attached to the next wipe. I mean, that would be a task to accomplish one-handed but the damn wipes keep sticking. We’ve used the Pampers wipes and the Target brand and both struggle.

That’s all, just wondering if others have experienced that and are there any recommendations which solve said problem? Or, I guess I could make my own

CONGRATS: Nice job to my friend from K3, Kati M. and her husband Jason, who welcomed their little guy Alex into the world yesterday. Even crazier, Kati’s brother Adam also welcomed a new baby on the same day!

BOOB JOB: Liam now has an inappropriate onesie. Katie G., our friend and mother of Mia, hooked up Liam with a onesie which reads Will Walk For Boobs. This continues a tradition his father started in high school when I thought it was really rad/clever to sport the following hats: Naval Academy SEAMEN, South Carolina COCKS, Hanover PECKERS, and so on. She purchased it from what she referred to as the place to get really funny baby stuff, Cafe Press. I agree, the selection for all ages is pretty vast.

Molly I'm Not Married To and Liam

THANKS TO A MOLLY I’M NOT MARRIED TO: SulliMom’s good pal Molly made a visit today to shower our family with food, fun and goodwill but sadly not her husband or our friend Patron. But the pasta she provided was really tasty and I can’t wait to dig into the cake she delivered. THANK YOU.




5 responses to “Wiped Out

  1. If you guys are Costco type people, or have family that is (who will hook you up) we LOVE, HEART, ADORE the Costco brand wipes. They don’t stick together, are in handy dandy “go-with-you-everywhere” type packaging, they don’t dry out, are soft for the Sullibaby’s toushy and thick enough so Sullimom and Sullidad don’t get poopy on them! 🙂

  2. SS

    I have been yearning to enroll in Costco. It’s on the To Do List. Thanks for the push.

  3. Kari

    We use Sam’s Club brand and I love them!

  4. Nikki

    Check and see if Costco will give you something for working for UIC. They come to our school every fall for enrollment. They bring LOTS of samples!!!

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