Father’s Day 5K For Autism – Join Us In Kankakee

Here’s a message to my running friends and even my friends who don’t like running.

It’s time to run (or walk), support autism research and honor the fathers in your life who deserve it. The Kilbride Family Classic for 15 years now has provided the opportunity to do just that. June 20, 2010-Father’s Day-is your chance.

The Kilbride family has been a second family to me for as long as I can remember. Simply, they are really good people.

For me, the day promises to be bittersweet as I’m more than ecstatic to be a Dad, but will be experiencing my first Father’s Day without my Dad. I’ve participated in the race several times and each time I ran past my Dad at the two-mile mark as he read off split times from the watch I gave him, but the watch he could never get to stopwatch mode. I always had to set it up for him. This year, when I run by the two-mile mark I assume a ton of memories will flow to my mind and heart.

My Mom and sister are in Kankakee in the trenches assisting the Kilbride’s in the planning. (Link to Facebook Group) They are forming a team in memory of my Dad, Sully’s Striders, while raising funds to combat autism. I hope you’ll join me for a couple of hours in the morning before returning to your family.

Print out a registration form here.


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