Liam And ‘Hawks Swinging To The Cup Finals, Project On WGN Radio

After a morning run in the May heat of Chicago (it was quite moist out there), we took Liam to Kankakee for his first trip south of Interstate 80. We had a nice time, enjoyed a little breakfast, brought home more gifts and introduced Liam to his Great Grandma Kelly. (Funny, cute side story – My Grandma was having a tough time grasping Liam’s name. It went from Leon to I-AM before we straightened it out. Good times; and she’s not the only one to have trouble with the pronunciation, which surprised me. I thought Liam was a fairly common name.)

Liam with Great Grandma Kelly. Or, Leon, whatever.

A couple of weeks ago talk of a Baby Swing dominated the comment section of the blog. Several readers and friends offered their swings, swings they didn’t use and provided recommendations. We held out for nearly a month, but over the past few days Liam has started to have increasing Spurts of Sourness, as I like to call them.

Enter the Graco SnugGlider.

Liam's SnugGlider. The ladies love it.

Despite the offers of a complimentary swing (thanks, you know who you are) we wanted to make the purchase. We wanted something fairly inexpensive, mobile, took up little space and made the little guy a happy camper. In fact, old HS running colleague Kari suggested the SungGlider since we have the car seat which attached seamlessly.

The jury remains out as he’s only been in it a couple of times. It does make me yearn for a hammock for the back patio, however.

GO HAWKS: I have to think the Blackhawks are going all the way after sweeping San Jose earlier today. They are an impressive group of players, characters, front office ingenuity and brand purveyors. It is all coming together for the Wirtz franchise. Good luck playing for the Stanley Cup!

THE THINGS UNSAID PROJECT FEATURED ON WGN RADIO: The home of the Cubs and Blackhawks was home to The Things Unsaid Project this morning, as project co-creator Danny Smith was interviewed by Chicago journalist Rick Kogan on WGN Radio. The other co-creator? Me. Take a listen; it’s just a few minutes long.




4 responses to “Liam And ‘Hawks Swinging To The Cup Finals, Project On WGN Radio

  1. Nikki

    Liam’s already a celeb! I didn’t realize that you and Danny were behind the project! Sounds great. I’ll have to pass it along to my friends.

    Go Blackhawks!!!!!!!!

  2. Kari

    Thanks for the shout-out! I hope Liam starts to enjoy himself in it. We started putting Marissa in awake and she would always fall asleep so then we started using it for nap time. Have you tried the vibration? Some babies like this, some do not. Also, if Liam is especially fussy in the early evening, it is probably what is known as the witching hour (although I love your name Spurts of Sourness). He will grow out of it. Good luck and I enjoy reading your blog!

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