My Ankle Five Months Later

It’s too bad that I severely sprained my ankle prior to the start of my blogging career.

I could have milked my injury to even more people.

But five months ago today–Christmas Eve–my ankle looked ridiculous as I recovered from a third degree ankle sprain from rekindling the NBA (not WNBA) dream on the basketball court with colleagues. For the record, I was on fire during the morning scrimmage just three days before the arrival of Jesus (or Jesus). Then, as I rose up from the top of the key to bury my 17th consecutive trifecta my dreams came crashing down on the large foot of UIC media relations correspondent Dan Yopchick, AKA, Yopper. I felt a few pops and just like that a softball appeared on my ankle.

That is a very swollen left ankle. My foot, from top of ankle to toes, was bigger than Liam is right now.

Quick comparison.

But, I feel pretty good now as I’ve been running five days a week for about a month and half. It must have been bad because I can still feel the scar tissue when I run.

Tomorrow, Liam returns to the doctor for a little check-up. I’ve kindly requested that he not poop on the exam table.


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One response to “My Ankle Five Months Later

  1. Yopper

    I’d like to share blame…or credit…with another father-to-be, Jon Butler. I’m not even close to being quick enough to guard you and we got caught switching on a pick, probably by Stockyard John.

    I’m just glad it wasn’t Marathon Man because he might still be laying on the court.

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