Pants Optional

We paid another visit to the pediatrician today. Liam refrained from pooping on anything, but as you can see from the photo he did decide to soil the patient table. No pants required.

Liam getting his temperature taken. It was 98.6, for the record. He wasn't very polite--check out the soiled sheet.

He weighed in at nearly 9 pounds, 4 ounces stretching to nearly 22 inches as his four-week birthday arrives tomorrow. We’re told we have a very healthy little boy. We are very lucky.

Speaking of visits, I made my first trip to and came away impressed. I purchased around 260 diapers for about $41.00 including next day shipping. It was easy. Once Mrs. Moosh passes along her referral code, she’ll make a little money. If anyone would like to say I referred you, please use my code: SKSU0938.


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  1. Meri

    I am glad you found it helpful! Here is my code: MLWI7010


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