Pack ‘N Play Provides Peace

I hope everyone enjoyed Memorial Day 2010.

We did.

In part, enjoyment was realized because of Liam’s evolution to sleeping flat on his back, not just in the bouncy-and sleeping well. We don’t know why, but he has really taken to his Pack ‘N Play. The sleep is allowing for a few more smiles like the one to the right.

This might be the first documented smile.

Outside of making Liam happy the P ‘N P is easy to move, set-up, tear down and looks pretty sweet too. Way to go Graco.

Liam lounging in the P 'N P

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2 responses to “Pack ‘N Play Provides Peace

  1. Nikki

    Love the adorable smiles on Mr. Liam…hope he is ready for the big game tomorrow night!!! Nice shirt too 🙂

  2. Love the smiling picture!!! You will love the portability of the pack n’ play–my girls could get to sleep in ours just about anywhere–that all changes when they learn to climb out–so enjoy it now!

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