Near Perfect Game Personifies Baseball

I love baseball.

Many of most cherished childhood memories involve either playing baseball, having a catch with my Dad or driving up I-57 to Comiskey Park to catch a Sox game and then being so tired I would immediately fall asleep in the family van on the way home.

Baseball isn’t perfect, which provides fodder for those looking for perfection. Last night, perfection was nearly achieved in Detroit as Armando Gallaraga had a perfecto pilfered by umpire Jim Joyce. You’ve all heard or read about it by now.

The Ethics Alarms blog has a bunch of solid banter about it.

Most impressive to me is how quickly story has switched from, “What a bad call. That umpire shouldn’t be allowed to officiate. MLB needs instant replay,” to “That umpire is a great guy. What a stand-up guy.”

I often talk about lessons for Liam. Something I’m not great at is admitting I’m wrong. This little event has me thinking more and more about that.

What’s really sad for society is that the big story now is Umpire Is A Stand Up Guy.

Should a man acting like a man really be news?


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