Liam Only Smiles After Gas, Sounds Familiar

I finally took out the video camera and caught some amateur footage of Liam and his attempts at smiling.

What made me smile today was finding Gaelic Football on TV. What a discovery. It is being shown on WYCC right now. If you haven’t familiarized yourself with the game, do so now. It’s pretty exciting, taking the best of soccer, hockey, rugby, basketball and lacrosse.

Just as good as the game itself is the pride shown throughout the country during the All-Ireland tournament. Each county has a team culminating in a huge championship in Dublin’s massive Croke Park. We were there as the tournament winded down last year and no matter where we went in the country, it was all about the All-Ireland tourney.




2 responses to “Liam Only Smiles After Gas, Sounds Familiar

  1. Nikki

    Looks like he may be wiped out from his partying with his Grandma and Great Aunt Trish last night!!!

  2. Reno

    As soon as Liam learns to walk, he will walk into my office, pass gas, then smile…no paternity test needed, he is Shawn’s.

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