Sweat, Parades, Sox Win, Baptisms, USA, USA, Tri Time

Not only was there a monumental parade and rally featuring a reported 2 million sweaty humans celebrating our hockey team’s championship in Chicago, SulliParents were able to find a couple hours for a date today. (Thanks to Molly’s mom for watching the little guy.)

It was strange not having Liam with us, but we enjoyed our time at Wrigley to watch the Sox beat up on the Cubs. (Thanks to Molly’s Uncle Dave for the hook-up) Well, I enjoyed the result, SulliMom enjoyed the company. Future family member Ted and pal Cory accompanied us, while we broke the commandment, Thou Shall Not Leave A Sporting Event Early to pick-up Liam. But we did walk by new owner Tom Ricketts. Molly’s response, “He’s skinny!” Agreed.

Sox beating the Cubs. They really should tear it down and start over. But, improved hot dogs!

Liam pleased with the Sox win and enamored with Dad's shapely legs.

Liam is able to console Mom after Cubs loss.

Tomorrow, Liam will be baptized into the Catholic Church, which is very exciting. Like weddings, these are events I’ve attended my entire life but you never really experience until it happens to you. It should be great. Notre Dame de Chicago will be rocking. Liam will be wearing a dress. Some traditions you can’t overcome.

Then, it’s off to check out the United States take on England in the FIFA World Cup. Go USA and Go Jay.

To cap off the weekend I get to accompany 1,500 women at the Naperville stop of the US Women’s Triathlon Series to perform announcing duties Sunday morning. It’s a tough job to send off that many women in bathing suits into the water, but someone has to do it.


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  1. Katey

    Congrats on Liam’s baptism! 🙂 God Bless him! Looking forward to seeing pictures from the special event!

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