I’m Back

Just like M.J. when he rocked the 45 and tallied the double-nickel at MSG, I’m back.

After more than a week of blogging hiatus, SulliDad returns to the scene. Okay, enough third person.

Truthfully, I had a lot to say last Sunday. It was my first Father’s Day as a Dad and my first without my own Dad. But a very busy day of traveling, running, visiting, traveling, eating and visiting some more…followed by an evening of packing for a trip delayed me. But the morning started bright and early with me opening cards. The card from SulliMom had tickets to see The Script, a new favorite of mine. I guess I should take my wife since there were two tickets. I’m pretty excited to see this group from Ireland play live.

It was an emotional, warm and humid day. I tried not to show it, but I’m sure people could read the emotions on my face at times. The first moment came around the two-mile mark of the 15th Annual Kilbride Family Classic 5k in Kankakee, which raises money for autism research. Each year, my Dad would be stationed at the two-mile mark reading off times. He would use the Timex watch I purchased him for a Father’s Day gift years ago, but I always had to set it for him to “chrono mode”. This year, as a member of Sully’s Striders team, I ran past the two-mile mark and he wasn’t there. It’s not like I knew he wouldn’t be there, but it still choked me up a bit.

The happy trio after the race sporting Sully's Striders T-Shirts and onesie.

But as I neared the finish line and saw SulliMom holding up Liam as he pseudo-cheered, I could feel my Dad at that moment. I think the reason for that–my slow time. At a race where I’ve run near 16:00 I had turned in a pedestrian 20:50. I could hear him yelling, with a cigarette between his fingers, “Go, get going. Don’t waste it.” He really would have given me hell for being defeated by my high school distance coach, Ken Klipp. He still has it. It was a fun race with tons of family around. In addition, the suddenly speedy John Jaramillo drove all the way to K3 to support us and continue his alarming running progress. He turned in a PR by about two minutes. When my Dad was awarded the race volunteer of the year award posthumously, Molly, Liam, my Mom and sister hopped on the stage. Mark Kilbride said several kind words about my Dad and provided my Mom a plaque and gift in front of about 1,000 folks in steamy Cobb Park. Never one to shy away from a microphone, I was given the opportunity to say a few words of thanks. One last time, thanks to the Kilbride Family.

SulliDad with John Don't Call Me Pre Jaramillo

(More photos in the SulliAlbum to the right)

After the race en route to a gathering of Molly’s side of the family, we stopped to visit my Dad at the cemetery. As I held Liam over the spot where my Dad was buried less than a year ago, I kind of lost it. It felt good to let it go and it also felt great to have Liam and Molly by my side. Liam’s innocence provided perspective and our day continued. I look forward to telling stories to Liam about my Dad each Father’s Day.

Although overshadowed a bit on this Father’s Day is me gaining a Dad for the first time officially since the nuptials–a Father-in-Law. Molly’s Dad is great. I’ll stop there so my sister-in-law Emily doesn’t suspect me of brown-nosing so just trust me–I’m lucky to have gained a Dad, too.

The rest of the week, I’ll tell in photos…by the way, how about those White Sox?

I was at a conference in California most of the week. I am the rep for the Horizon League. This proves it.

I win things all the time. I won this at a session presented by the good folks at Broadnet. Autographed Ducks jersey by Teemu Selanne.

Great seats for Angels-Dodgers in Anaheim Wednesday courtesy of old pal, Ben Fischer.

Union Park World Cup Watch Party hosted by the Flames...lots of DeMerit jerseys.

L-R, Ticket donor, Ben, SulliDad, and two guys I'm looking forward to working with a lot this year, Reno and Jon...live from Angels Stadium.




3 responses to “I’m Back

  1. YAY you are back! Happy (belated) Father’s Day! I was very touched by this post. But I tell you, Liam will feel like he knows his grandfather well because you are a very vivid story teller. That is wonderful. Sending love to you and Molly!

  2. kelly

    Beautiful post Shawn!!!!! You’re the most amazing son and now father!!!!! Dad is very proud of you today and always:) Love you and glad ur back!!!!!!

  3. Alicia

    Beautiful post Shawn…Liam is so lucky to have you as a father…and I know that your dad is looking at all of you and is so proud and happy.

    It was wonderful seeing you and Molly and Liam a couple of weeks ago. I hope you have an amazing weekend ahead.

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