The Safety Dance

Safety–it brings a couple things to mind:

-The Chicago Rush scored on a pair of safetys Saturday night en route to a victory over Orlando. In fact, they should have had a third, but the officials went World Cup referee on us and botched the call. After hearing all of the screaming, I think it would be a bad place for Liam to hang out.

-The song, The Safety Dance. I mean, what a great tune. It was released in 1982 and only reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100. How is that not a #1 song? Who is responsible for creating this melody? Do you know without looking?

-Most importantly, baby product safety. Is it me, or is it really difficult to keep track of what’s safe for kids and what’s not? I feel like everything Liam comes into contact with may be a hazard. This article from today’s Trib online edition explains a few more hazards, most of which I am aware. I wish there was a single spot online that really spelled out in english and with organization just what’s safe and what’s not. I guess the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is a good start, but not preferable.




2 responses to “The Safety Dance

  1. Justin

    Uh…that would be Men Without Hats. Now go get your shinebox!

  2. SS

    Well played Justin. Well played.

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