BabyBjorn Test Run

When I was a bachelor I would get home from work, go for a run, make some mac n’ cheese, watch a little Chicago Tonight on WTTW (pre-cable days for me) and hunker down to watch some White Sox baseball…on the internet because I didn’t have cable. Silliness.

Tonight, I came home from work and enjoyed a lovely beef stew dinner from the slow cooker, hung out with the family and tried on the BabyBjorn for size. Sadly, Liam was a little sour so we didn’t get a chance to step into public. I’m not complaining about the difference in lifestyle, I just think it’s funny to go from no cable to BabyBjorn.

But I can’t lie. I tried it on and adjusted the size. I looked at myself in the mirror and took a couple of laps around the condo. No shock here, I looked great. I mean, I’ve always envisioned myself looking like the model on each BabyBjorn package with flowing locks and chiseled features. Despite Liam feverishly crying, it is a comfortable fit. I look forward to the public debut of SulliBjorn. God bless Sweden for providing the fertile ground to create such a device. More reviews and photos, then.

Does anyone use the BabyBjorn? Like it? Perhaps, a different yet similar device?




3 responses to “BabyBjorn Test Run

  1. molly

    you look like the model on the baby bjorn packaging? isn’t the model a lady?!?

  2. Mama Makuch

    The bjorn is the best!!! Wear it with pride Shawn:)

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