Anniversary Of My Birth

In a few moments, I’ll have been on earth for 31 years. For those scoring at home, that is 11,315 days, 271, 560 hours and 16,293,600 minutes. As my Mom reminded me this morning, it was a long labor. I can appreciate that. But, she deserved it because she was mad I wasn’t a girl.

It was very cool to have a card which read “Daddy” on it waiting for me to open this morning.

Bjorn in the USA...Molly, Liam and I spent the day perusing the city. We walked to the Apple Store and back, essentially. This shot was taken at a great breakfast joint in Greektown, Meli.

Here are some more quick stats to commemorate on this big day:

Kraft Mac N’ Cheese Dinners Consumed: 1,352
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Destroyed: 3,380
Haircuts: 361
White Sox Games Attended: 108
Miles Run: 17, 680
UIC athletic events attended: 1,053
Make Out Sessions With Molly: 19,321
Honeymoon Babies Produced: 1

If you would like a count on other activities, reply here and I’ll crunch the numbers. Happy 4th of July!




2 responses to “Anniversary Of My Birth

  1. Stockyard John

    -How many ECAC banquets have you emceed (or just total events you have hosted/announced)?
    -How many “corrections” have you heard from a certain elf emeritus?
    -How many administrators have poked themselves in the eyes with a pen in front of you?
    -How many Lou Mitchell’s biscuits have you had?
    -How many Bears starting quarterbacks have you seen?

  2. SS

    ECAC Banquets: One
    Corrections: 43
    Admins/Eye Pokes: None yet
    Lou’s biscuits: 47
    Bears starting QBS: 33 since I was born according to this article:

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