Break Out The Tony, Toni, Tone

The song Anniversary by the acclaimed and nearly-forgotten R & B group Tony, Toni, Tone will always be recalled on July 24.

Yesterday SulliParents turned One. Yes, it’s already been a year of marriage. I have to say, we’ve done pretty well during our inaugural 365. Ireland, buying a home, having a child and tomorrow SulliMom becomes SulliWorkingMom. It’s back to work for the matriarch of this tiny yet burgeoning family.

We are quite fortunate to have the Marchetti family in our world who turned us on to a great woman, Margarita, who will take care of Liam while we earn some spending money. Although I’m sure it will feel weird to drop Liam off tomorrow, it’s time turn another page.

Earlier this week we were able to visit Kankakee and see Grandma Sully and my sister Kelly along with her guy Nick and a whole host of family and friends. Most fun was seeing the little kids sitting/walking around. I can’t believe my cousins and I are parents. It seems like yesterday we were all in high school and college simply planning a future.

Liam with the big kids Ryan and Viv

Molly and I were able to return to our wedding reception location Eaglewood for a nice night of relaxation following a filling dinner at Wildfire to celebrate the anniversary. Even cousin Jenny and Welshman Ian stopped in for a few Harps. Thanks to Pat & Joan for supervising Liam.

The weekend was capped with a tough Red Stars loss at Toyota Park and my guy Russ Riberto’s 30th birthday celebration in Oak Park. Happy B-Day RJR3. And, although we couldn’t attend his party because of the soccer tilt today, a special congrats to my cousin Scott Kessler who recently graduated from NIU. Don’t forget the little people, Scott, when you’re a big time Geologist.


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  1. Happy Anniversary Sulliparents!!! I am sorry I am late on this!! Love you guys and am so happy for you and all of your first year blessings.

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