SulliMom Joins Thirtysomething

Happy Birthday to SulliMom. It’s the little 3-0 today.

We’ve had a nice day.

One thing I remember being really cool one month ago on my birthday was receiving an extra card. It was from my son. Now, just because his mother purchased, wrote and delivered didn’t make that any less special. I hope Liam’s card to SulliMom was just as great.

Also great today:

The surprise appearance by Molly I’m Not Married To and her husband Tequila Tim. Despite it not being my birthday they came all the way from the ‘burbs to deliver two of my favorite things: cake (from Lovely) and tequila (from Mexico). Both of which I consumed. In moderation.

SulliParents are lucky to have great friends. If you’d like to sign up to be our friend, tequila will almost automatically get you in the door. Thanks Erwin duo.


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