Hospital Blanket Opportunity Knocks

It dawned on me today–a day which provided temperatures approaching the triple digits but still I thought of blankets for some reason–that I have a chance.

If only my sister-in-law Sarah, while recovering at a respected Long Island medical institution following the birth of her son Owen, could dig up the courage to nab a hospital blanket I’d have a chance to own one. Come on Sarah!!

Not that she has other things to worry about.

Recently I posted about my lack of hospital blanket and to my surprise many people were allowed to snag one or two on the way out. This simply wasn’t an option. Funny how I rarely had an issue pilfering pint glasses from bars in my younger years but couldn’t build up the courage to toss a used blanket in the diaper bag.

The years are catching up.

Which brings me to my next question that I think will be fun–post anonymously if you would like–what was the last item you stole and how old were you when you committed the crime?


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