STL Trip Derailed

Liam appears to be unconcerned with his Dad's travel delays.

DJ is pleased.

RJR3 and Smitty enjoying the delay in the dining car while DJ grabs a bite to eat.

The return trip from St. Louis after an enjoyable 20 hours in the Gateway to the West with some of my guys has stalled. Literally.

I was a little hesitant to take Amtrak but we did it. It was pretty solid until a vehicle approached a crossing near Braidwood, Illinois and allegedly struck our train resulting in injuries to a young woman. A helicopter took the injured woman to a local hospital.

Currently we are sitting on the train waiting for the all clear. Our wait time has been about 90 minutes so far. Our thoughts are with the injured young woman.

It was brutally warm in the Lou yesterday. We witnessed the Cubs shock the world with a win over the first-place Cardinals. However, witness is a loose term. It was 96 degrees in the left field bleachers so after a couple innings we retreated to a breezier section of the new Busch Stadium near Big Mac Land.

Watching all of the parents with small children at the ball park provided a caution: Don’t bring kids to games when the mercury rises too high. I didn’t see too many happy campers out there yesterday.

Here are a couple of recommendations for your next visit to STL:

-Grab a bite at The Dubliner on Washington.
It was just a couple blocks from our lodging location, The Renaissance Grand. The burgers weren’t award-winning, but they did the trick and the oversized and affordable Jameson and Ginger Ales tasted great. Nice people, too.

-Enjoy the ridiculous beer selection at The Bridge.
The ambience was poor, but how can you go wrong with this many beers?

-Eat steak at Carmine’s.
Really good steak at a typical price. Only difference is that it included salad and a well-portioned side. I highly recommend it.

-Hop in a cab with Byron.
This guy was friendly, funny and not politically correct. Find him.

-Have a beer with my cousin, Chris.
If you’re interested, reply. I would hate to post his cell phone number for the entire world. But we had one last night and we all enjoyed his presence.

-Walk around a bit.
St. Louis is pretty nice. The Arch Landing area provided great people watching, the Arch itself is cool and the whole downtown is walkable it appeared.


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