Baseball Makes Daddy Angry

I’m not a huge fan of the Minnesota Twins.

I really respect them, but I dislike them.

What’s worse than watching them walk-off in victory when your team is three outs from moving back within two games of first place?

Watching a former White Sox hero (Jim Thome) whom we let go to Minnesota for nothing do the damage.

It feels awful.

But I look forward to teaching Liam all about the lessons of life in sport. And just think, it was less than two years ago when Thome hit a blast for the Sox to lift them over the Twins in the tiebreaker game and into the playoffs. My sister and I were there. Second best Sox game I’ve ever attended–maybe the most intense. One lesson I need to learn: Cease cursing at TV.

I will predict a bench clearing fight or an absolute Ozzie tirade in the next 48 hours. We’ll see if this season is simply Black & White over the next week or so. Otherwise, we’ll be witnessing a Twins team without their closer and homer leader atop the AL Central again.


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One response to “Baseball Makes Daddy Angry

  1. Yopper

    I was so stunned that I couldn’t even find any words to curse. Win the next two and I’ll feel better about it.

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