UIC Basketball – Bringin’ the Fire

Typically I won’t use this platform for work purposes.

But I’m quite excited and optimistic for the future of UIC basketball.

Now, as a former cross country/track athlete at UIC and university employee–I’m upbeat for all of our sports. But I came to UIC in the fall of 1997. Seven months later the UIC Flames were Dancing’ in the NCAA basketball tournament.

That’s about as excited as I can ever remember our campus getting over anything.

I think those times could be returning over the next few seasons. Enter our new head coach, Howard Moore. Here are a bunch of opportunities to get to know the guy I first met (I assume I met him at one point) when I was in grade school when my good friend Tom Kilbride would invite me along to Big Ten towns to watch his big brother Andy play for the Wisconsin Badgers. They were teammates in Madison.

I think it would be wise now to buy season tickets while they are a good deal and you can get good seats. Remember how bad the Blackhawks were a couple seasons ago?

And it would be nice for me to catch up with SulliMom’s alma mater–Butler–on the college hoops scene. I don’t need Liam wanting to wear Butler blue.

Video highlights from press conference (Share With Friends, please)
Howard Moore Podcast
Howard Moore Press Conference and Photo Gallery
Official Press Release
Sun-Times Story
Trib Story
Daily Herald Story

(A Liam update is coming soon–we have solid footage and photos from a week full of him making new sounds, rolling a throwing up a little more than usual.)


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