Inaugural Feats Of Transportation

Liam has completed a couple of key firsts recently: his first El ride and his first plane ride.

Hopping off the Blue Line at UIC-Halsted.

He was a big fan of the first El ride. The motion and people made it pretty fun. As he smiled at all the strangers he also enjoyed the bumpy ride. I recommend the Baby Bjorn for public transit.

His first plane ride was fantastic. He was perfectly behaved. Probably because of the stellar parenting. However, his second plane ride was a little, er, choppy. A minor meltdown 200 miles outside of Chicago caused SulliParents to blush slightly but after Molly calmed him in the back of the plane he was fine. My final thoughts on flying with an infant: screw what others think. They may give you bad looks, whisper to their friend or simply tell you to your face their thoughts but at the end of the day you’ll probably never see them again. So there, unhappy airplane passenger!

Liam contemplating if his Nuk will still work in the air.

And what’s the deal with people when the plane finally comes to a stop at the gate? Nearly each person jumps out of the seat and grabs luggage from the overhead compartments. People, where do you think you are going? And why do people behind you always seem to think they can go before you? With Liam, we simply waited until everyone had passed but seriously. What a bunch of dopes.

A big thanks to the very nice United employee who allowed us to move to our own row for the first flight. She could probably sense the rookie parentals and was kind enough to do that. Now the NY based flight crews…not exactly hospitable.

The most important first for Liam was meeting his awesome new cousin Owen. More entertaining for his Dad was watching old cousin Tess treat her younger family members as she was an adult. Oh, look at him…tickle, tickle, tickle…She is also awesome. Photos updated in the SulliAlbum on the right side of the home page.


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