Dr. Brown Is Real And Liam Is Undefeated

I inquired to Dr. Brown’s about who is Dr. Brown via Facebook and here’s the response:

Shawn: Dr. Brown is real doctor. Dr. Craig Brown is a family practice physician who recognized the need for a fully-vented bottle. Together with Handi-Craft Company, he helped develop what is today the Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow® Baby Bottle.

So…did you win the bet? 🙂

I guess I didn’t truly have a bet about who Dr. Brown is, but I think were all winners now that we know the inside scoop on Dr. Brown’s. Although I would recommend some more information on the Dr. Brown’s Web site on my guy Craig. But he may be a humble, behind-the-scenes guy not wanting attention. But that is silliness.

Thanks Dr. Brown’s Facebook Wall Replier!

LIAM AND HIS BEARS STREAK: Marathon Man brought this to my attention: Liam hasn’t felt the pain of a Bears loss during his lifetime. At 2-0 it’s been only wins for him. Can the streak stay alive against Green Bay? We’ll find out Monday. I like our chances.




2 responses to “Dr. Brown Is Real And Liam Is Undefeated

  1. Shawn,

    Also of note: Dr. Brown’s is based out of St. Louis, MO. But don’t worry…we will overlook the fact that you are a Cubs fan. : )

    Thanks for your support of Dr. Brown’s and for visiting the DrBrownsBaby page on Facebook.

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