Pressure To Post

To date, this has been the longest blog post hiatus in SulliDad history.

It’s not as remarkable as Roy Halladay’s no-hitter, as significant as the Bears first loss (Liam is no longer undefeated–Welcome to Chicago sports buddy) or as brutal as the traffic I just sat in (thanks Pres. Obama).

But since there was pressure from Kankakee to Indianapolis, from Brussels to Barrington to post, I thought I would oblige. Here are just a few of the events that have occurred:

-Happy 90th B-Day to my Grandma Kelly. Here are a couple of things that happened in the year my Grandma was born: Prohibition and the sale of Babe Ruth from the Red Sox to the Yankees. That’s a long time ago. It was great to be in Kankakee with all of my Kelly-family cousins in the same room.

SulliDad and cousins.

-Liam eats from a spoon. I still haven’t witnessed it first hand, but apparently it happened.

-Liam is noisy and strong. Lots of shrieks, giggles and gibberish. And he is trying to sit up, scoot and head-bang.

-The MLB playoffs are underway and the Twins are down 2-0 to the Yankees. As SulliMom (facetiously of course) might say if the Sox were playing the Cardinals, “I hope the stadium falls down”. Better the Yanks than Minnesota. Enjoy all of those division titles.

Best of luck to all of those competing in the Chicago Marathon this weekend. Once that is complete, head over to the Cross Country Challenge Web site and enroll in that race. It’s going to be a lot of fun on December 5.

And good news from The Things Unsaid Project. The project is embarking on a new initiative–31 Letters In 31 Days. Check it out now.

New photos have been posted in the SulliAlbum. Go Flames. Seriously, call and buy some season tickets.


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