Liam Looking Forward To Halloween

I figure, so not to rot his teeth when they arrive, I should feed Liam candy now.

I mean, what’s wrong with a few melted peanut butter cups? You can’t decay teeth that aren’t present.

Speaking of candy, his first costume arrived–I can’t tell you what it is–you’ll have to trick or treat at our place to find out. My idea was not entertained, sadly. I was hoping to grow out the beard and head to Vegas so I could become Alan and Liam could become Carlos from The Hangover. Next kids perhaps.

OWEN IS HOLY: Congrats to my nephew Owen who entered the church officially last weekend. Throw a little holy oil on his forehead and he starts smiling–love it.

CONGRATS: Nice job to all those who completed the Chicago Marathon. I apologize to all those people who ran by with bloody nipples. Take some precautions people.

BEARS: Remember when I predicted a 10-6 season? It’s not looking so silly now.

UIC FLAMES HOOPS: Are you ready for college hoops season? If not, this will help you get pumped up.


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