Thank You Liam

I’ve never had a ton to complain about so Thanksgiving has always provided me an opportunity to simply sit back and thank my lucky stars.

This year a new dimension was added: Liam.

So, thank you Liam for making your parents quite happy, for being a very good boy, for your developing personality and your ability to make others put a smile on their face.

Here is a quick list of what Liam told me he is thankful for this Thanksgiving:

-Nuk. My Nuk is rad. Even Dr. Brown’s has a good quality pacifier.
-Teeth. I have two now. I can’t wait to cash these babies in.
-Gerber. The sweet potatoes are my favorite.
-Exersaucer. This adds a little diversity to my play time.
-Margarita. No, not the adult beverage my babysitter. She’s the best.
-Bath Tubs. I really enjoy these relaxing forays to cleanse.
-My Daddy’s blog readership. It’s nice to hear people enjoy reading this blog. For example, my great Aunt Joan is a blog stalker apparently. Here’s a photo of her holding me–her face has been hidden to protect the innocent.

I thought you weren't supposed to be held by a stalker... Otherwise, I’d have soiled many-a-things by now.
-My family. Everybody really loves me. Thanks guys!
-Lastly, congrats to Aunt Kelly and soon-to-be Uncle Nick on their engagement. That is very exciting stuff.

Oh, there are some new photos in the SulliAlbum, too. Check it out on the right side of the home page.


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One response to “Thank You Liam

  1. Yopper

    Liam told me he’s thankful for great neighbors, too. Those guys in 117 are such model citizens.

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