This Date In SulliParents History

Two years ago today, I proposed to SulliMom (she was not known as SulliMom then, for the record).

I remember being really anxious. Nervous I was not, but I can tell you I didn’t sleep at all that night before. Luckily she said yes.

MORE HISTORY: Speaking of history the UIC men’s basketball team upset #12/14 Illinois at the United Center yesterday afternoon. What a fabulous day for UIC athletics. It was one of those great moments when all the hard work pays off as a group of college kids and an emerging coaching staff put the pieces together to stun the Illini. Click here for a recap and the Flames Holiday Upset Special–it’s time to hop on the bandwagon. It was a good day for Molly’s team as well. Butler beat Stanford on national TV by more than 30 points. Here’s a good story on the Horizon League’s success this weekend. (photo courtesy of Zoe Kind and

DENTAL WORK: A front tooth on the top is emerging in Liam’s grill. He is discovering it because when he eats the Gerber food he makes a really funny face and his tongue is seen rubbing the top gum line.


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  1. stacy

    I love the dental note!

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