The End Of The Road

When you go more than a month without a blog post you are no longer a blogger.

Thus, the run of SulliDad blogging has come to end.

SulliFamily during their recent voyage to the happiest place on earth.

Like some of the more important streaks of all-time, this project too has a conclusion.

I do hope to continue blogging in a professional mode talking about sports business, marketing, road races, public address announcing, etc. Then, perhaps when I’m able to find more time this blog will return. I mean, I’m a busy guy. Plus, as Liam grows up I’d like to keep what I share in a more secure manner. I am not shutting down SulliDad Chicago overall. The blog is over for now. But the site will live on for family updates, additional photos (via Flickr, now updated, see SulliAlbum), new videos (via YouTube), etc. If we’re lucky enough to add members to our family in the future I’m sure that would call for a return to the keyboard.

In just under 12 months, the site has received 20,018 unique visits. That is cool and scary at the same time. If you have suggestions, questions or feedback please don’t hesitate to reply to this post or e-mail

The job of Dad is a cool one. Sometimes I have no idea what I’m doing. In other instances it seems to come pretty easy. But each day brings something new, something smelly and something that makes me smile. I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.

Thanks for reading. And Go BEARS!




2 responses to “The End Of The Road

  1. You will be missed Sullidad! Hope you do return one day! In the mean time, give Sullimom and Liam a big hug from us…and let the good times roll!

  2. Smitty

    Much like the 1997 Class A 1600-meter, races always must have a finish line. Quick question, though: where’s the guy in second place acting like he won?

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