Liam’s Birthday And His New Job: Big Brother

Liam, Day One.

A year ago tonight, Liam Fredric Sullivan arrived into the world.

That was a really cool night. I’ll never forget it. Fast forward to tonight and the last 365 days have been really cool, too. For example, Liam now walks a bit. He uses a spoon fairly well. He can give high-fives. He says Ma-Ma and Da-Da. He also destroys food. He smiles a lot.

Happy 1st Birthday Liam!

Liam and his Birthday Cupcake. Stuffing His Face.

Enjoy it buddy because you’re about to become a big brother. We have the ultrasound photos to prove it.

Liam on Easter

That’s right, SulliBaby II is scheduled to arrive November 1. We couldn’t be happier. Perhaps a little sooner than was printed in the family syllabus, the anticipation of Liam’s sibling is already building quickly.

Check out the latest photos in the SulliAlbum stretching back to the Blizzard of 2011.

The blog is back, just like MJ wearing the Four – Five.


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One response to “Liam’s Birthday And His New Job: Big Brother

  1. So glad you are back to blogging! We’ve missed you! Congrats on baby #2–Hope we can plan to see you guys in Chicago when we are there this July!

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