Welcome To The World Quinn

What a day.

What a really cool day.

Quinn Patrick Sullivan joined us just before 2 pm this afternoon. At 7 pounds, 10 ounces and 21 inches, he’s looking solid. Eyes wide open.

Molly was tough and I think if you asked her she would tell you it wasn’t easy, but much better than round one. The doctors and nurses were great especially our key nurse who was a Northwestern season ticket holder!

We’ve already fed Quinn a couple times, changed a soiled diaper and met some family. Not surprising Liam was not interested in meeting the baby. But he did like the buttons on Molly’s bed.

I have to say, I was stellar today. They say you aren’t ready if you don’t have butterflies. Well, I had butterflies. My left arm is a bit sore from holding up a leg, but I had some ice chips and I feel better. Plus, Mr. Stearns delivered peanut butter cups.

It’s also cool that so many of our friends and family are having little ones right now. Can’t wait for all of them to get together and make some messes.

Thanks for all of the messages, tweets and well wishes. We greatly appreciate it.

I’ll try and upload photos tomorrow. For now, find me on Facebook!


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