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Momma Said Knock You Out

A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest. ~Irish Proverb

Happy Mother’s Day!

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One Day Left, No. One Draft Picks

With one day left in the 26 Days of Awesome and to celebrate tomorrow being SulliMom’s due date, I thought it would be fun to ponder naming our child after one of the Chicago Bears‘ first round draft picks throughout history. This, on a night when the Bears did not have a first round draft choice and Tim Tebow goes before Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy.

This is all assuming SulliBaby is a boy. We have no idea if it is a boy.

Here are some of the potential names based on Bear first round draft picks as told by This partial list below also provides a decent amount of depression when thinking about the production of some of these players. But the full list also features no less than 20 All-Pros and at least six Hall of Famers (I think, just by sight). Some quick thoughts on this list:

-Three derivatives of Walter (Walter Payton, Walt Harris & Wally Chambers)
SulliMom would prefer Chicago’s 1940 pick, Bulldog Turner, to go along with Butler.
-My Top Five (Cade, Stan, Otis, Lionel, Rufus)

Chris (Williams)
Greg (Olsen)
Cedric (Benson)
Tommie (Harris)
Michael (Haynes)
Rex (Grossman)
Marc (Colombo)
David (Terrell)
Brian (Urlacher)
Cade (McNown)
Curtis (Enis)
Walt (Harris)
Rashaan (Salaam)
John (Thierry)
Alonzo (Spellman)
Stan (Thomas)
Donnell (Woolford)
Trace (Armstrong)
Brad (Muster)
Wendell (Davis)
Jim (Harbaugh)
Neal (Anderson)
William (Perry)
Wilber (Marshall)
Willie (Gault)
Otis (Wilson)
Walter (Duh)
Wally (Chambers)
Lionel (Antoine)
Rufus (Mayes)
Dick (don’t call me Espinoza, Butkus. Only UIC Athletics readers will get this)
Gale (Sayers)
Bulldog (Turner)
Sid (Luckman)

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Will I Take My Son/Daughter To Work?

As the 26 Days of Awesome countdown hits two, an awesome and humorous argument is confronted in this Trib story.

Select school districts are threatening, er kindly suggesting, that parents do not take their kids out of school for the tradition now known as Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. Students will be held responsible for what they miss and will be marked absent.

Okay, sounds good school districts. Way to make this a big deal. For nearly 20 years this tradition has been taking place. I think we’d all agree that school is important, but real life experience always means more in the educational experience whether a child is four or 22.

I have to think, as I look into my parental crystal ball, that if my first-grader is doing well in school and can stand to miss a few hours I’ll take he/she to work. But I’d like to think if I know little SulliSix-Year-Old is struggling in reading I’ll skip the Take Your Kid to Work Day.

Dear School Districts: Please stop down from your high horse. But, maybe my thinking isn’t in the majority.

Here’s another look at the holiday from a NY Times blog.


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Q & A With SulliDad

I’ve had many questions filter in from across the country. Many of which have been awesome in nature. I’d like to take a moment and answer those this evening while watching the Blackhawks. Come on guys, Nashville? It’s worse than losing to Cleveland. But the Sox won tonight. Thankfully we very well might have the best pitching staff in the AL.

Question: Do you know what gender SulliBaby is? -Art L., Iowa City, IA
Answer: No, we are awaiting a surprise. But I think it’s a boy. Thanks Art!

Question: What will you name the baby? -Lois K., Fullerton, CA
Answer: We have a few top choices, but think Irish and plain.

Question: Will you breast feed or go with formula? -Dr. Smitt, NY, NY
Answer: Neither. SulliMom will take care of that.

Question: Have you been getting plenty of sleep? You know, you must get your sleep now! -Lorda M., Hillcrest, IL
Answer: I’ve been sleeping fine. However, I’ve looked into it–you can’t bank good sleep now in order to use it once a newborn starts keeping you up at night. It’s science.

Question: How do you keep your fabulously toned lower body despite the stress of being an expectant father? -Herb F., Galveston, TX
Answer: Thanks for noticing, Herb. It comes down to two things: drinking water and running 12 minutes per day. Oh, and generic vitamins from Target.

Question: I saw your wife and she has really curly hair. How does she keep it so curly? -Regina R., Cicero, IL
Answer: It is a natural curl, Regina. However, she does nurture the curl with a couple of products that we found at the Maxwell Street Market.

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DEFCON Stalemate, SulliDad To Begin Baby Beard

After another rendezvous with a VD, SulliMom was told that dilation had not changed since last week. The waiting game continues.

Which got me thinking…

As the NHL playoffs heat up, playoff beards are all the rage. Unless you’re Patrick Kane and you struggle with facial follicles and decide a playoff mullet is the right way to go. With that said, I think it’s time for an awesome Baby Beard.

No shaving until SulliBaby arrives. Damn’t. Who’s with me?

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Lazy Sunday & Car Seat Install

It’s the Chronic (WHAT!) les of Narnia…

I enjoy this SNL digital short. I realized a dream when we visited Magnolia Bakery in NYC.

Later today, we’ll embark upon the installation of the Graco car seat deal into the trail rated SuLiberty. I imagine this to provide another reality check for us. The Graco Snugride appears to possess some awesomeness. I’m also picking up a few Clif Bars for the hospital bag to keep me nourished during SulliLabor.

I mean, it’s not like they offer expectant dads epidurals. Cripes.


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Brutal Baby Names

The last thing I want to do is judge names. What do you think about Judge Sullivan?

Actually, let’s be frank–bad names are really funny…and awesome.

And we just might pick a bad name, b*%$ches!

But as we ponder SulliName it got me thinking about some pretty unfortunate words to be listed on a social security card. Bad names don’t make people bad. Bad names don’t decrease likeability. They’re simply bad names. Period.

With that said, I’d like everyone who reads this post to reply to the post with a bad name they’ve encountered. Feel free to use an alias, er bad name, if you’d like to protect your identity. But we all know you do it.

I’ll start: Le-A. (pronounced, Le-dash-uh)

TEARS: I laughed at the following three SNL skits/digital shorts as NBC featured SNL on the 2000’s this evening. Ironically, I’d say the 2000’s struggled overall, but these portions were really funny. I will continue to say the Onion News Network is consistently funnier.

Funny #1
Funny #2
Funny #3


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