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Weekend Warriors

SulliMom and I went back to the neighborhood that brought us together this weekend: Wicker Park.

Some people may not know that there is an actual Wicker Park. We strolled through Saturday.

It was Liam’s first trip to one of the best parts of the city. We walked around, visited a few shops, promoted The Things Unsaid Project and grabbed some lunch at the Blue Line before I traveled to Allstate Arena to announce the Rush lose a tough one.

It’s pretty cool to walk around with Liam and watch the eyes of passersby travel inside the stroller with that funny smile which expresses that Oh, what a cute little baby look. At least that’s how I see it. We brought a bottle and kept it fresh in the Skip Hop mobile bottle bag. It kind of looks like an oblong fanny pack, but I refrained from wearing it like one. Which reminds me of a card I saw featured in the best card store in the city, Paper Doll. The card had an image of a fanny pack with an inscription that read We Still Love You. It’s the perfect card for the loved one who still utilizes the fanny pack.

Yesterday, after snapping some surprisingly great shots of the early morning skyline with my iPhone at the Magellan Development Spring Half Marathon, Liam made his debut on the microphone helping his Dad announce the UIC baseball drubbing of Cleveland State.

Best city in the world.

Liam made his PA debut Sunday. It was a bit of a snoozer--the Flames won that game by 13 runs.



The Rush Is Back And Smells Like Bacon

The title of this post will begin to make sense momentarily.

First, in less than 24 hours on Friday night around 7 PM the Chicago Rush Arena Football team returns to play at home after about two years on the sidelines. I will be handling the public address announcing at Allstate Arena. I’m pretty excited about it. It’s really an awesome game, atmosphere and product. It will be good to get back in the saddle.

SulliMom is on the fence as to whether she will attend. I think if SulliBaby hears his/her father at that elevated decibel level he/she will undoubtedly decide to depart the flesh house. To get a feel for the Rush pre-game show, here’s a clip from a 2007 contest. You’ll hear me after about a minute.

I have a couple extra tickets so contact me if you’re interested.

Speaking of pigskin, I heard that baby formula now comes in a bacon flavor. I really enjoy bacon–who doesn’t? But in formula? That can’t be good.

I know blogs cover just about everything, but check this one out: BaconSalt.

Big fan.

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