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This article from Read, Write, Web provided a little insight into what could be in store for the next generation, which will include SulliChild.

According to the research firm Gartner, 50% of PC’s purchased for users under the age of 15 will have touchscreen technology by 2015.

Awesome fact.

That’s pretty nuts.

But when you consider that 18 years ago I was plugging away at Oregon Trail on an Apple IIE, not an iPhone, I guess progress is inevitable. But will the traditions of childhood really go the way of Cubs pennants?

That remains to be seen, but I hope to blend old school and some new school with our little one as he/she grows up.

I came across this story using one of my new favorite online tools: Google Fast Flip. Check it out.

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Basketball Or Birth?…Birth With Basketball

As was posed in a previous post, Basketball or Birth?, a decision has been made.

The answer, despite an overwhelming 95% of poll participants voting for Basketball, is an option not provided in the poll: Birth with Basketball.

We will have iPhone and Blackberry on gametracker as we follow Butler-Syracuse in the Sweet 16 live from birthing class. The contest also will be recorded via DVR and if the game possesses highlights wanted by SulliMom it will be watched.

It’s important for us to be present at this class. It’s also important that Molly’s heart rate remain at a comfortable level. Over the weekend that was not the case. Hopefully the inability to watch the action will result in calmer heart activity for mother and child.

Thank God for technology. Wish us luck. To Adam Levinson, the Syracuse Marathon Man, best of luck to your Orange.

Final prediction from SulliDad: Butler 60, Syracuse 59 (OT)

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