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One Day Left, No. One Draft Picks

With one day left in the 26 Days of Awesome and to celebrate tomorrow being SulliMom’s due date, I thought it would be fun to ponder naming our child after one of the Chicago Bears‘ first round draft picks throughout history. This, on a night when the Bears did not have a first round draft choice and Tim Tebow goes before Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy.

This is all assuming SulliBaby is a boy. We have no idea if it is a boy.

Here are some of the potential names based on Bear first round draft picks as told by NFL.com. This partial list below also provides a decent amount of depression when thinking about the production of some of these players. But the full list also features no less than 20 All-Pros and at least six Hall of Famers (I think, just by sight). Some quick thoughts on this list:

-Three derivatives of Walter (Walter Payton, Walt Harris & Wally Chambers)
SulliMom would prefer Chicago’s 1940 pick, Bulldog Turner, to go along with Butler.
-My Top Five (Cade, Stan, Otis, Lionel, Rufus)

Chris (Williams)
Greg (Olsen)
Cedric (Benson)
Tommie (Harris)
Michael (Haynes)
Rex (Grossman)
Marc (Colombo)
David (Terrell)
Brian (Urlacher)
Cade (McNown)
Curtis (Enis)
Walt (Harris)
Rashaan (Salaam)
John (Thierry)
Alonzo (Spellman)
Stan (Thomas)
Donnell (Woolford)
Trace (Armstrong)
Brad (Muster)
Wendell (Davis)
Jim (Harbaugh)
Neal (Anderson)
William (Perry)
Wilber (Marshall)
Willie (Gault)
Otis (Wilson)
Walter (Duh)
Wally (Chambers)
Lionel (Antoine)
Rufus (Mayes)
Dick (don’t call me Espinoza, Butkus. Only UIC Athletics readers will get this)
Gale (Sayers)
Bulldog (Turner)
Sid (Luckman)


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Will I Take My Son/Daughter To Work?

As the 26 Days of Awesome countdown hits two, an awesome and humorous argument is confronted in this Trib story.

Select school districts are threatening, er kindly suggesting, that parents do not take their kids out of school for the tradition now known as Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. Students will be held responsible for what they miss and will be marked absent.

Okay, sounds good school districts. Way to make this a big deal. For nearly 20 years this tradition has been taking place. I think we’d all agree that school is important, but real life experience always means more in the educational experience whether a child is four or 22.

I have to think, as I look into my parental crystal ball, that if my first-grader is doing well in school and can stand to miss a few hours I’ll take he/she to work. But I’d like to think if I know little SulliSix-Year-Old is struggling in reading I’ll skip the Take Your Kid to Work Day.

Dear School Districts: Please stop down from your high horse. But, maybe my thinking isn’t in the majority.

Here’s another look at the holiday from a NY Times blog.


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The Gentle Giraffe Stands Tall

SulliBaby's cradle ready for sleep activation. To help, the Gentle Giraffe is poised to play a role.

As the days go by, preparation for the arrival of SulliBaby increases in earnest.

SulliMom has completed most of the laundry with the specific baby-friendly detergent. Cradle is complete (see photo). Crib is prepped with mobile. Hospital bag is packed and ready in the back of the SuLiberty.

And I am breezing through The Happiest Baby on the Block. Great read so far; I’m learning stuff. I’ll provide a full review upon completion.

Along the same lines as the book–calming a fussy baby–is a product that seems pretty awesome upon first interaction.

Enter the Gentle Giraffe by Cloud B.

It was one of a bevy of Tsunami gifts we received–I’ll have to check on the benefactor.

I’m learning that keeping the newborn’s environment as similar to SulliMom’s internal condo will be key. The giraffe provides some soothing sounds, including static white noise that replicates what it sounds like in the womb, a faux heartbeat intended to duplicate Molly’s heartbeat and safari sounds. I did a little test run and nearly returned to my old pacifier. We’ll see how it works in the regular season soon.

Off to Vagina Doctor in a bit. In addition, it appears we’re picking up our official wedding photos today.

I was worried the baby would arrive before wedding photos. Can you say, IRISH-CATHOLIC?


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Family Time Expansion – Awesome

One of the most worrisome things I think about in preparation of parenthood can be summed up in question format?

How will we fit it all in everyday? Working, feeding, sleeping, changing, groceries, bathing, loving, communicating, and the list goes on.

I know it will happen after we get into a rhythm. I’m sure we’ll adapt just fine after a learning curve. But a recent report in the NY Times says family time is actually on the rise, which is somewhat of a surprise to me.

Practice time is running out. We’re just weeks away before there is an actual baby in our home. I think we’ve asked ourselves more and more lately, Can you believe this is really going to happen? We keep looking back to July and our wedding and think that this is happening all so quickly. But I am really excited to get going, make my mistakes, learn from them and become really good at being a dad.

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The Countdown Begins – Awesome

There are 26 days until SulliChild has been predicted to exit his/her current address for more spacious surroundings.

There are 26 (.2) miles in a marathon. SulliParents have completed 10 marathons in total. (SulliMom with seven) Can you believe Molly already is planning on running the Disney Marathon in January ’11? She is amazing. I’m 99.9% sure I’m retired. But like MJ, I’ve creaked the door open for a return.

Each day until April 23rd I’ll post a mile, er, article of awesomeness. That is, something awesome to do as a father, something awesome to use, an awesome toy, awesome food, awesome…whatever. Now, these may be things I presume will be awesome. In many cases, I will not have experienced said awesome item.

But I digress. Today’s awesome item is a cross between Skype and Kumon Learning Center. Plus, it was created here in Chicago and has offices about a mile from SulliCrib.

Meet Readeo. If you’ve tried it, let me know what you think. It looks awesome.

SulliFolks celebrating AWESOMENESS ND-USC Football during SulliMom's pal Jen's birthday last fall. Yes, that's a ND shirt, not UIC. Special circumstances friends. Photo Credit: The Awesome duo of Jen and CJ

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