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Tear Duct Blockage

Ahh, the first medical issue of our son.

And by issue, I mean subtle annoyance for Liam.

Ladies...they call me Prince Charming. (There's nothing charming about the crap we find in his diapers)

After a quick read through of Baby 411 and a visit to the Baby Center, our suspicions were confirmed: blocked tear duct. Unlike the English keeper, Robert Green, was able to do to American Clint Dempsey’s shot last Saturday, this duct is blocked. A funny, gooey–then crusty–substance forms near the eye.

But a little warm cloth helps out and it doesn’t appear to sour Liam in the least. No need to consult Dr. Baas or Dr. Tyler at MarketPlace Vision…yet.

Our guy spent his first night in his own room yesterday. That’s right, a full six hours cribbin’. Feed, poop, change, swaddle, nuk and sleep. Knock on wood, all is progressing nicely.

Side Note: The little guy’s scalp still smells like holy oil from the baptism last Saturday.

Tomorrow Morning: Liam will see you early tomorrow morning at Union Park Lounge for US-Slovenia World Cup action.

Completely inappropriate, parental advisory, strong language…but downright hilarious video: Former MLB player Wally Backman is a minor league manager whose squad is the subject of a reality television show. Check out the footage of an encounter he has with an umpire. It is off the charts funny.

Congrats Katie and Mike: Our pals Katie and Mike welcomed the beautiful Stella into the world a few days ago. Katie, the head volleyball coach at UIC, can only be salivating over the birth of another future all-american.

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89 Diapers, 12 Days

Can you believe that Liam has gone through 89 diapers in his 12 days on earth? That is baffling to me. But friends and family told me that was to be expected.

About 85 of those diapers have been made by the good folks at Pampers. I’m a big fan of the Swaddler line of diapers. Minimal blowout factor, solid adhesive and easy to snug. But, Target was out of the Pampers product the other day so Huggies it was. And, the disappointment is palpable. Terrible adhesive, poorly constructed, poor fit. I can’t wait to refill the Swaddler inventory.

Neither of us can believe how poorly Huggies perform.

While we’re on the topic of diapers, we have a gassy baby on our hands. A Helpful Hint in the Baby 411 book reminded us that regardless of what we do to combat Liam’s bubbly ways, he’ll continue with it through about three months. Joy.



Tips & Tools For Fools

I use the term Fools in jest.

It simply rhymed with Tools.

But as we continue the countdown, at times I feel foolish. You read something, or you hear something and you can’t believe you hadn’t pondered that scenario yet.

I think I’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but I really enjoy hearing from other parents–especially parents who have recently experienced the process–to limit said foolishness.

My good friend Randy and his wife Meredith are new parents to Carter–just a couple months old. He’s a handsome devil, a Sun Devil perhaps since his father is an ASU alum.

I chatted about the Gentle Giraffe in a post a couple of days ago and Meredith commented via Facebook (pass along your notes to me on Facebook here if you would like) that the giraffe has been great and continues to soothe Carter. (By the way, thanks to Molly’s aunt Joan and cousins Erin, Brittany and Kelly, who are listed in no particular order to avoid a debacle, for gifting us the giraffe. Perhaps we will name the giraffe after you guys??)

But here’s the best part about friends who are pulling for you–she suggested an item I would have never even pondered, but she feels was crucial for their little clan: The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer.

Of course, this is key. I’m trying to put my arms around what the first few hours, days and weeks will be like and I keep telling myself, “Any gadget that will help I need!” Well, I can tell you that with a few dollars on our gift card remaining I will be investing in this. Mostly because a trusted source is recommending it, but because I’m not great at math either. I mean, it will remind you from which breast fountain the baby last fed for cripes sake!

But I think Meredith’s point to me was that you can be damn prepared, taking great care of the little one and still be REALLY tired and overwhelmed–a little help doesn’t hurt from an awesome device. And these little victories become World Championships–at least that’s how I envision it.

I’m going to look into another recommendation from the Spielmans–the book, Baby 411, as well.

Thanks Meredith–hopefully your husband is doing his part, too!

READER INPUT REQUEST: Do you have any suggestions for quality parental iPhone Apps?


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