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Christening The Weekend

I previewed the weekend last week and here are the highlights:

-Liam squirms his way into the Catholic Church.
A short and sweet ceremony welcomed Liam into the Catholic faith Saturday. Family joined us at Palace del SulliParents post-church with Connie’s breakfast pizza making everyone feel better about the cramped environment. In addition, solid desserts were provided by family members along with a surprisingly fair-priced and tasty cake from Bake for Me. I recommend it. Liam still smells like Holy Oil. Father Andre really made sure he had enough, even mohawking his hair with it.


-USA finishes level with England.

Liam and Joseph sporting sweet DeMerit, USA apparel. Hi Allison!

Liam and I changed into our stars and stripes gear for the greatly anticipated USA-England World Cup match following the holy festivities. Liam was sporting his T-Shirt Deli produced and dad-designed Jay DeMerit onesie. Following an intriguing first half which saw a quick strike by the Three Lions followed by a Clint Dempsey strike on which the English goalie couldn’t find the horns, we made our way to Tavern in Wicker Park for the final 45. We were denied entry as children were not allowed. But we found a perfect window to view the match and enjoyed the atmosphere. A good result for the USA as Jay was superb for the US. We’ll see you Friday morning for the UIC Watch Party at Union Park.

God bless America.

-SulliDad announces US Women’s Triathlon Series-Naperville.
I always enjoy my announcing gigs and this one was no different. It was very cool to see all these women–2,000 in total–accomplish their goal.

My view while announcing the Tri.

But, I did use a portolet and it appears it had never been serviced…yummy.


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