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The Safety Dance

Safety–it brings a couple things to mind:

-The Chicago Rush scored on a pair of safetys Saturday night en route to a victory over Orlando. In fact, they should have had a third, but the officials went World Cup referee on us and botched the call. After hearing all of the screaming, I think it would be a bad place for Liam to hang out.

-The song, The Safety Dance. I mean, what a great tune. It was released in 1982 and only reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100. How is that not a #1 song? Who is responsible for creating this melody? Do you know without looking?

-Most importantly, baby product safety. Is it me, or is it really difficult to keep track of what’s safe for kids and what’s not? I feel like everything Liam comes into contact with may be a hazard. This article from today’s Trib online edition explains a few more hazards, most of which I am aware. I wish there was a single spot online that really spelled out in english and with organization just what’s safe and what’s not. I guess the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is a good start, but not preferable.



Weekend Warriors

SulliMom and I went back to the neighborhood that brought us together this weekend: Wicker Park.

Some people may not know that there is an actual Wicker Park. We strolled through Saturday.

It was Liam’s first trip to one of the best parts of the city. We walked around, visited a few shops, promoted The Things Unsaid Project and grabbed some lunch at the Blue Line before I traveled to Allstate Arena to announce the Rush lose a tough one.

It’s pretty cool to walk around with Liam and watch the eyes of passersby travel inside the stroller with that funny smile which expresses that Oh, what a cute little baby look. At least that’s how I see it. We brought a bottle and kept it fresh in the Skip Hop mobile bottle bag. It kind of looks like an oblong fanny pack, but I refrained from wearing it like one. Which reminds me of a card I saw featured in the best card store in the city, Paper Doll. The card had an image of a fanny pack with an inscription that read We Still Love You. It’s the perfect card for the loved one who still utilizes the fanny pack.

Yesterday, after snapping some surprisingly great shots of the early morning skyline with my iPhone at the Magellan Development Spring Half Marathon, Liam made his debut on the microphone helping his Dad announce the UIC baseball drubbing of Cleveland State.

Best city in the world.

Liam made his PA debut Sunday. It was a bit of a snoozer--the Flames won that game by 13 runs.



Butt Paste. I Repeat, Butt Paste.

I’ve had a lot of Firsts over the last week or so.

Another inauguration took place today for me when I was introduced to Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. This product is made with Peruvian Balsam to help with the common newborn symptom of Chapped A**.

So far so good. It has a nice texture to it, decent scent and the tube looks pretty unique. We’ll see if it works; it’s only day one for Liam and the diaper rash ointment.

A little father-son time.

FUN WITH MUSIC: We spent a little time as a family with the DVR tonight. Law & Order SVU, Friday Night Lights and ESPN’s 30 for 30 film, The 16th Man were on the menu. I like to do a little shimmy during the Law & Order theme music. SulliMom despises it and repeatedly requests the extinction of it, but tonight Liam joined me. It actually soothed him during a fussy period. Sorry Molly, the L & O dance isn’t going the way of the dinosaur.

FNL: How good is Friday Night Lights? Big fan.

MOVING THE CHAINS: Long time Chicago Rush fan and friend Jen Gilbert sent me a video via Facebook from the fan trip to Milwaukee to see the Rush and the Milwaukee Iron play a little Arena Ball Friday night. It showed some fans taking the Allstate Arena first down chant, MOVE THOSE CHAINS, on the road to the Bradley Center. Here’s a link to the video. (Not sure if you’ll be able to access if you’re not a Facebook user or a Friend of Jen.)

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Shower? How About Tsunami?

The umbrellas were out in full force for Molly’s shower in Elgin a week ago today.

Sadly, the umbrellas didn’t hold up as showers turned into a Tsunami of gifts from droves of family members. I stopped out before rushing off to Indy for the Final Four and it was an impressive sight to see all those boxes.

The photo with this story shows SulliBaby’s future dwellings filled with goods. We are very lucky to have generous family and friends. This child will have nothing but the best in infant goods as far as I can tell. I assembled a mobile the other day–quite awesome.

On tap for today is to set-up the cradle, which has been in SulliMom’s family for a long time.

GOOD NEWS: The Chicago Rush won last night and it was great to be back inside Allstate Arena, despite missing most of the good people behind the scenes who made the Rush into the league’s best organization. I appreciate Mike Alzamora and the current front office for asking me back. It was different and the same. A little strange, in fact.

UIC beat Butler in baseball yesterday, 19-6, giving SulliDad a little room for bragging rights. BU hoops coach Brad Stevens threw out the first pitch and Hink the Bulldog caught it. (I kid) Two more between the Flames and Bulldogs today at the Mill. It’s a nice day; come on out.

BAD NEWS: Don’t get me started on the Bulls–debacle. Plus, Chicago baseball teams have struggled out of the gate. It has been ugly for the Sox and Cubs save for a few dazzling individual performances. At this point, I wouldn’t feel comfortable introducing a child to either squad. I’d be afraid he/she may choose St. Louis or the Twins instead. That would be unacceptable and grounds for dismissal.

SulliNursery needs to be organized. But look at all the sweet toys!


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The Rush Is Back And Smells Like Bacon

The title of this post will begin to make sense momentarily.

First, in less than 24 hours on Friday night around 7 PM the Chicago Rush Arena Football team returns to play at home after about two years on the sidelines. I will be handling the public address announcing at Allstate Arena. I’m pretty excited about it. It’s really an awesome game, atmosphere and product. It will be good to get back in the saddle.

SulliMom is on the fence as to whether she will attend. I think if SulliBaby hears his/her father at that elevated decibel level he/she will undoubtedly decide to depart the flesh house. To get a feel for the Rush pre-game show, here’s a clip from a 2007 contest. You’ll hear me after about a minute.

I have a couple extra tickets so contact me if you’re interested.

Speaking of pigskin, I heard that baby formula now comes in a bacon flavor. I really enjoy bacon–who doesn’t? But in formula? That can’t be good.

I know blogs cover just about everything, but check this one out: BaconSalt.

Big fan.

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