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Unacceptable TV News

Following an afternoon field trip to Lincoln Park, a report was confirmed that NBC is dropping the original Law & Order franchise from its primetime schedule.

Say it ain’t so Peacock. It will be interesting to see if Liam will grow up and remember his Dad watching Law & Order religiously just like I remember my parents watching classic cop shows Cagney and Lacey and Hill Street Blues. (Fun Fact – Did you know that we live two blocks from the police station used for the TV series? It is now home to the UIC Police. Check the link for footage.)

Although not my favorite L & O franchise–Special Victims Unit tops my list–the original initiated me into this classic series. Jerry Orbach was the actor who really epitomized the police drama in this era. There is talk about a new series beginning, Law & Order: Los Angeles. Where’s the Windy City edition, Dick Wolf?

Back to Lincoln Park. Land of Nod was the destination and SulliMom finally picked out her very own diaper bag. She went with a Skip Hop selection–fine choice. It’s no Diaper Dude, but a close second.

After the Land of Nod stop we stopped by The Container Store. It might be the greatest store. Ever. I’m a sucker for storage containers, office stuff and paper products. I guess we should have purchased the My Dad Is A Geek onesie we saw at Land of Nod.




Butt Paste. I Repeat, Butt Paste.

I’ve had a lot of Firsts over the last week or so.

Another inauguration took place today for me when I was introduced to Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. This product is made with Peruvian Balsam to help with the common newborn symptom of Chapped A**.

So far so good. It has a nice texture to it, decent scent and the tube looks pretty unique. We’ll see if it works; it’s only day one for Liam and the diaper rash ointment.

A little father-son time.

FUN WITH MUSIC: We spent a little time as a family with the DVR tonight. Law & Order SVU, Friday Night Lights and ESPN’s 30 for 30 film, The 16th Man were on the menu. I like to do a little shimmy during the Law & Order theme music. SulliMom despises it and repeatedly requests the extinction of it, but tonight Liam joined me. It actually soothed him during a fussy period. Sorry Molly, the L & O dance isn’t going the way of the dinosaur.

FNL: How good is Friday Night Lights? Big fan.

MOVING THE CHAINS: Long time Chicago Rush fan and friend Jen Gilbert sent me a video via Facebook from the fan trip to Milwaukee to see the Rush and the Milwaukee Iron play a little Arena Ball Friday night. It showed some fans taking the Allstate Arena first down chant, MOVE THOSE CHAINS, on the road to the Bradley Center. Here’s a link to the video. (Not sure if you’ll be able to access if you’re not a Facebook user or a Friend of Jen.)

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What Would Your Child’s Ringtone Be?

Imagine for a moment that your child–under, let’s say, eight years old–had a cell phone.

To what tune would you set their ringtone when they called?

I’ve known Liam for just over a week now. I can’t think of the perfect song, but I think something with varying tempo would work. The song that comes to mind is Zombie Nation (classic video link). But Liam typically has a very serious face. So maybe the jingle for ABC News would work.

Liam peeing all over his Dad. Cripes.

Maybe I should find a song about urine control. As he slept on my chest today (see photo) the little guy decided to unleash through his diaper onto my commemorative Jay DeMerit T-Shirt. Because he was comfy, I remained there for about an hour with a very damp shirt. He woke up, looked at me and smirked. He was then grounded.

GOOD SPORT OR BAD DECISION? Have you seen the story about the local collegiate golfer who took a double-bogey on purpose to allow a competitor to advance to the national tournament? The beneficiary of this move is a student at Olivet Nazarene in Bourbonnais near my hometown and it has become a national story. Take a read and place your vote.

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The Gentle Giraffe Stands Tall

SulliBaby's cradle ready for sleep activation. To help, the Gentle Giraffe is poised to play a role.

As the days go by, preparation for the arrival of SulliBaby increases in earnest.

SulliMom has completed most of the laundry with the specific baby-friendly detergent. Cradle is complete (see photo). Crib is prepped with mobile. Hospital bag is packed and ready in the back of the SuLiberty.

And I am breezing through The Happiest Baby on the Block. Great read so far; I’m learning stuff. I’ll provide a full review upon completion.

Along the same lines as the book–calming a fussy baby–is a product that seems pretty awesome upon first interaction.

Enter the Gentle Giraffe by Cloud B.

It was one of a bevy of Tsunami gifts we received–I’ll have to check on the benefactor.

I’m learning that keeping the newborn’s environment as similar to SulliMom’s internal condo will be key. The giraffe provides some soothing sounds, including static white noise that replicates what it sounds like in the womb, a faux heartbeat intended to duplicate Molly’s heartbeat and safari sounds. I did a little test run and nearly returned to my old pacifier. We’ll see how it works in the regular season soon.

Off to Vagina Doctor in a bit. In addition, it appears we’re picking up our official wedding photos today.

I was worried the baby would arrive before wedding photos. Can you say, IRISH-CATHOLIC?


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April Madness On Demand – Awesome

SulliDad and K3-SulliGrandpa Game Two of 2005 World Series. We'll forge more awesome memories Saturday.

Classifying a chance to attend a Final Four awesome might be an understatement.

So, the fact that SulliMom and Dad are going to be inside Lucas Oil Stadium come Saturday evening is, let’s say, awesome-squared. We’re officially on the Road to the Final Four.

Thanks to former Butler hurler and fellow Bishop McNamara graduate Eric Yates—and to Vagina Doctor #37 for providing approval—we are on our way.

It wasn’t cheap. But we decided that for the rest of our lives we’d be spending on kids first so this might be the grand finale for us. I can check off Final Four on my bucket list and Molly will get to see something she probably didn’t think she’d ever see.

How could we not go?

In 2005, the White Sox advanced to the World Series and I was fortunate enough to purchase tickets thanks to a gentleman who knew how much it meant to me. To this day, attending Game Two of the World Series with my Dad is a Sulli-Top-Five Moment. This has to compare for Molly.

This will be something we’ll never forget and through photographic evidence we’ll be able to tell our child that they were there, too. I think participating in memorable activities with our soon-to-be growing family is something to which I really look forward.

This little trip also gives us a chance to spend the evening in BEARbonnais with K3-SulliGrandma and SulliAunt Kelly and attend mass at St. Pat’s on Easter Sunday before a trek to St. Charles to hang will SulliMom’s family.

All of these travels come on the heels of Molly’s Baby Shower Saturday in Elgin. I mean, bring your umbrellas—it’s a shower!

This decision also has bearing on Push Gift status. I will say it again—SulliMom has not pressured or requested said gift. But, this trip now becomes the inaugural Push Gift. And speaking of Push Gift, it is amazing how divided people are on knowledge of this tradition. It seems like it is 50/50 whether people have heard of the term Push Gift.

Just for poops and laughter, provide us with what you would like Molly’s pregnant belly to be inscribed with for the national television audience. (Disclaimer: SulliMom, I’m pretty sure, wouldn’t take part in such activity) I would put something on my chest, but I’m deceptively hairy in that region thus rendering any expression worthless. Reply below. Okay, I’ll start:

Bellys For Bulldogs
Breeding Ground
My Kid Looks Older Than Our Coach (Yes, I agree, that storyline is getting old)

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Scarface School Play Scares Me – Awesome

Colleagues Miami U Hockey Fan; Redhawks in Frozen Four, JJAR and Marathon Man with elite politicians from two of the most crippled governments in the US - The State of Illinois and Cook County.

The Marathon Man passed along a link to me with a baffling video.

I’m not sure what to do with it, but it made me laugh and feel terribly uncomfortable all at the same time. It’s not a real school play, as Chicagoist pointed out to me via TMZ so take a deep breath.

I wonder if SulliChild will aspire to be a Thespian? If so, I will try to steer her/him to more classical selections/genres in lieu of Oliver Stone cult hits.

AWESOME AROUND TOWN: Typically, I wouldn’t give up an opportunity to visit the venerable Manny’s for lunch. But with a trip to the United Center on tap for tonight to catch Joe Alexander and the Bulls, I opted out for the usual and affordable: PB & J. Of course, today I miss out on meeting Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, his newly minted running mate Sheila Simon and new Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle.

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Toy Story

I’m sure I won’t feel this way when I’m navigating our 1,300 square foot home and they’re scattered among every inch, but I can’t wait for toys.

Mostly Nerf guns. Okay not a great example to be setting, but once you see the video you’ll agree.

My colleague Reno stumbled upon this video and let’s just say I’m ready to throw down with other departments in the office.

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