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Fun With Video And More

SulliMom shouldn’t leave Liam and I home alone.

That’s when we have pull out the video camera and make funny faces at each other.

In Other News: As my Dad always told me, The NBA is fixed. I would say this Miami union of all-stars is something cooked up a long time ago. Fixed? I can’t say that, but good for Miami, tough for Cleveland and I’m fine with what the Bulls have on the roster. One might say this is great for the NBA–really good teams in markets like LA, Miami, Chicago and maybe in 2011-2012, New York. But I will predict that with many of the big stars aligning in a handful of places, the league will become watered down and create more really bad teams than decent teams. It doesn’t mean I won’t be watching when LBJ returns to Cleveland. William C. Rhoden sums it up well. Also, if you’ll recall Liam texted LeBron a month or so ago. It didn’t work.

Liam’s Eating Habits: Liam is eating more ounces these days. He’s a growing boy as you can see in the video. It seems like a couple weeks ago we couldn’t get him to sleep in anything other than the bouncy chair, but now he sleeps for long hours in the crib and we even unswaddled him last night with good results. This morning, however, Liam deposited those extra ounces all over the bouncy chair, through the diaper, onto his feet in the form of poop. As always in that type of situation, he smiled.

Finding The Hand: The Nuk is becoming less desirable as Liam has found his hands. We tell him not to put his entire hand in his mouth as he coughs, but he won’t listen.

Running: I picked up a new pair of running shoes last week–Nike Tailwind. I’m a big fan. It appears that the Disney Half Marathon may be on the calendar for January.



Liam Texts LeBron James

Since every other sports media member has overblown the LeBron James factor in Cleveland’s 4-2 series loss to the Boston Celtics, Liam wanted to enter the fray and reach out to invite #23, Part II to the Chicago Bulls via text message.

Liam's texting LeBron with his eyes closed! Here's what he sent: WORD LBJ 🙂 NEW 23 2 CHI? CU AT UC

Why do I want LeBron to play for the Bulls? Because my childhood revolved around an iconic talent in Michael Jordan and it was awesome. To be able to watch a player like LeBron in your hometown potentially lead your team to a title, do things other humans can only pray to do and simply win, is priceless. (DISCLAIMER-If you click on that link it has adult language, but very funny. Priceless, as you’ll see. I guess if I’m a parent I’m supposed to grow up now. Not yet. How long does stuff stay on the Internet?)

Unfortunately for Liam, LeBron is never going to be in the same sentence as MJ. Regardless, it would provide a lot of irreplaceable memories I have to think.

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Q & A With SulliDad

I’ve had many questions filter in from across the country. Many of which have been awesome in nature. I’d like to take a moment and answer those this evening while watching the Blackhawks. Come on guys, Nashville? It’s worse than losing to Cleveland. But the Sox won tonight. Thankfully we very well might have the best pitching staff in the AL.

Question: Do you know what gender SulliBaby is? -Art L., Iowa City, IA
Answer: No, we are awaiting a surprise. But I think it’s a boy. Thanks Art!

Question: What will you name the baby? -Lois K., Fullerton, CA
Answer: We have a few top choices, but think Irish and plain.

Question: Will you breast feed or go with formula? -Dr. Smitt, NY, NY
Answer: Neither. SulliMom will take care of that.

Question: Have you been getting plenty of sleep? You know, you must get your sleep now! -Lorda M., Hillcrest, IL
Answer: I’ve been sleeping fine. However, I’ve looked into it–you can’t bank good sleep now in order to use it once a newborn starts keeping you up at night. It’s science.

Question: How do you keep your fabulously toned lower body despite the stress of being an expectant father? -Herb F., Galveston, TX
Answer: Thanks for noticing, Herb. It comes down to two things: drinking water and running 12 minutes per day. Oh, and generic vitamins from Target.

Question: I saw your wife and she has really curly hair. How does she keep it so curly? -Regina R., Cicero, IL
Answer: It is a natural curl, Regina. However, she does nurture the curl with a couple of products that we found at the Maxwell Street Market.

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