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Will This Post Be Here Forever?

I’ve been pondering a few blog-related questions lately:

1) How long should I continue to blog regularly?
2) Will what I post be here forever and will Liam be embarrassed by it?
3) If we are lucky enough to have more children, will I continue this through them?

I guess the easy answer to all three queries is, We’ll See.

I think there’s a safety and privacy concern at some point especially when you speak of photography and video. And I need to have a motive for blogging. Mainly, I enjoy having an outlet to write. Secondly, it’s fun to chat about certain topics and share information and updates on our family giving family and friends a handy resource to keep updated.

I’m sure the frequency will tail off down the road. But I think I’ll keep at it. Once Liam is old enough to realize what I’ve been doing something bigger and better than the Internet may be on the scene relinquishing my blog to Atari status. Perhaps he can become a guest blogger…

Future children can only be considered when they arrive. I guess at the end of the day, I’d like these writings to be around in some fashion forever. When I’m gone, I would think Liam and his future brothers/sisters would enjoy reflecting on these posts like I enjoyed looking through my Dad’s things connecting dots that I didn’t know existed.

Although it’s a marathon of a read, this NY Times article looks into the idea of Web content and its longevity. It’s a solid read for anyone who has posted a photo to Facebook, created a Tweet or updated their LinkedIn profile. The moral of the story is take possession of your online belongings.

GO SOX: I had a chance through NDDC to visit U.S. Cellular Field Thursday night to watch the first place Chicago White Sox. They did not disappoint. It will be Twins/Sox down the stretch. Thank God the Metrodome is gone. Speaking of the Sox, I watched the first episode of The Club–MLB Network’s reality show featuring the Sox. It was solid and recommended. Even for Cubs fans, it gives an insight to workings and philosophy of the south side ball club.

Sox All-Star Matt Thornton warming in the pen. But Freddy Garcia got out of the jam and his services weren't needed.

FIVE GUYS: What else is there to say? Simply, it’s worth a trip to 2140 N. Clybourn.


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Vacation Time

A lot of people say they like it when their mobile phones cease to work in remote areas on vacation.

I would like to be one of those people.

I am not.

I think I spend more time stopping by my phone to see if I might have an extra bar or two.

The Michigan Abode

Deep Woods In MI

El Lago

A run on the rolling hills

Regardless, I spent the last several days in Michigan at the Lake. Clear Lake, that is, in Buchanan where the compound is located. It was fabulous. Jameson, Five Guys–thanks to Justin and Uncle Larry (ridiculously awesome), Red Robin, cookies, Pat Stearns-made burgers and more Jameson. Ted and Emily time and White sister time. Naps, Liam hanging with Eva, some Molly-Shawn time and running around the surrounding nature. My pal Justin was there and we exchanged new parenting stories. I stayed away from work, but work returned in a big way today with a huge announcement at UIC. In addition, SulliMom got her first haircut since entering motherhood from an old Bulldog, Kron. She provided premium cookies, too.

Liam and Eva forming a bond. Check the album for a full photo cycle of these two super-cousins interacting.

Before we left, we had the chance to see the most famous soccer team in the world up close and personal–Man U. They were working out inside UIC’s weight room in preparation for several North American matches. Sir Alex nodded at me and winked at Molly. Or, it could have been the other way around. Either way, that was really cool.

But life has a way of leveling those great highs to remind you that it’s not all fun and games. My Dad passed away one year ago today. Simply, I can’t believe the one-year anniversary of that event is already here. I think about him a lot, but today a butterfly landed directly on my shirt. I never pictured my Dad as a butterfly, but perhaps it was fluttering like one of his old knuckleballs. It’s off to Kankakee tomorrow to see a bunch of family–and for some, meeting Liam for the first time. To those who sent thoughts and prayers today, thank you.

Here are a couple of anniversaries I’m looking forward to this week:

-The first anniversary for me and SulliMom
-The first anniversary of Mark Buehrle’s perfect game

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Think About This

Here are a couple of great stories/links that will get you thinking.

Speaking of thinking, I think what I want to make sure I do as a Dad is to take time out to think once in a while. Constantly, I’m told I won’t have any extra time once SulliBaby arrives. I get that, but I want to make an effort to take a moment each day and simply think.

With that in mind, think about this stuff:

-White Sox Converted Shortstop Pitching Well
The Southsiders aren’t exactly tearing the cover off the ball in 2010, but one story that will make you feel good is that of Sergio Santos. Read this feature from the NY Times.

-Celebrate National Letter Writing Month With The Things Unsaid Project
We all have things we wish we would have said at some point. Here’s a remedy for that: The Things Unsaid Project. I can tell you I will be writing a letter. Why? Because whether it’s a regret, a missed opportunity or simply forgetting to say it, ‘it’ needs to be said. Plus, letter writing is a lost art. Make it a point to write a letter a month for the remainder of 2010. I bet you feel better and you’ll make someone’s day. I’m giving it a whirl.

-Mummy Blog Has Some Quick Tips For Me
I came across this WordPress blog by accident. I’m glad I did because it made a lot of sense to someone like me who, no matter what, will be a Dad by Friday night.

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