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Pants Optional

We paid another visit to the pediatrician today. Liam refrained from pooping on anything, but as you can see from the photo he did decide to soil the patient table. No pants required.

Liam getting his temperature taken. It was 98.6, for the record. He wasn't very polite--check out the soiled sheet.

He weighed in at nearly 9 pounds, 4 ounces stretching to nearly 22 inches as his four-week birthday arrives tomorrow. We’re told we have a very healthy little boy. We are very lucky.

Speaking of visits, I made my first trip to Diapers.com and came away impressed. I purchased around 260 diapers for about $41.00 including next day shipping. It was easy. Once Mrs. Moosh passes along her referral code, she’ll make a little money. If anyone would like to say I referred you, please use my code: SKSU0938.

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89 Diapers, 12 Days

Can you believe that Liam has gone through 89 diapers in his 12 days on earth? That is baffling to me. But friends and family told me that was to be expected.

About 85 of those diapers have been made by the good folks at Pampers. I’m a big fan of the Swaddler line of diapers. Minimal blowout factor, solid adhesive and easy to snug. But, Target was out of the Pampers product the other day so Huggies it was. And, the disappointment is palpable. Terrible adhesive, poorly constructed, poor fit. I can’t wait to refill the Swaddler inventory.

Neither of us can believe how poorly Huggies perform.

While we’re on the topic of diapers, we have a gassy baby on our hands. A Helpful Hint in the Baby 411 book reminded us that regardless of what we do to combat Liam’s bubbly ways, he’ll continue with it through about three months. Joy.



It’s All Fun & Games Until Pee Cascades Toward You

I had heard the stories.

Baby pees on Dad while changing diaper. It’s chilly while baby is naked; baby pees on Dad. I was told, Fasten the diaper quickly so you don’t get soiled.

Liam allowed those warnings to become reality today. And they’re right, it really does look like a little fountain surging straight into the air (about 18 inches of air) while spraying an innocent father, the freshly cleaned onesie and even Liam’s face (ouch)! I need to act quicker next time. The learning curve continues.

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