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Please Send $220,000 Now

Now they tell me.

The cost of raising Liam from birth until he is 17 is more than $222,000, according to a recent report. That doesn’t include college savings. Crap.

I mean, I would have been a little more careful in Ireland if this report from U.S. Department of Agriculture came out last year. Which begs the question, Why is the department of agriculture doing a study like this?

Read the story and start clipping the coupons.

U.S. Rally Foiled By Malian Referee: We hosted a really great World Cup Watch Party at Union Park Lounge this morning to see the U.S. and Slovenia finish level at 2 apiece. UIC guy Jay DeMerit once again represented well for the good guys. It was a lot of fun. Not fun was the brutal call by the referee. Mistakes are made, but FIFA needs to clean up the debacle that is international officiating. I’m not a homer; it happened to Germany today, too. Okay, I’m a mini-homer. THIS JUST IN: Yahoo! is reporting that FIFA will provide an expedited performance review. Way to go FIFA.

White Sox Beat Strasburg: Okay, Sox hurler Gavin Floyd allowed his squad to get the win over the Nationals and Stephen Strasburg. He went toe to toe with the phenom and the south siders are suddenly rolling. I love playing the NL.

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