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Shower? How About Tsunami?

The umbrellas were out in full force for Molly’s shower in Elgin a week ago today.

Sadly, the umbrellas didn’t hold up as showers turned into a Tsunami of gifts from droves of family members. I stopped out before rushing off to Indy for the Final Four and it was an impressive sight to see all those boxes.

The photo with this story shows SulliBaby’s future dwellings filled with goods. We are very lucky to have generous family and friends. This child will have nothing but the best in infant goods as far as I can tell. I assembled a mobile the other day–quite awesome.

On tap for today is to set-up the cradle, which has been in SulliMom’s family for a long time.

GOOD NEWS: The Chicago Rush won last night and it was great to be back inside Allstate Arena, despite missing most of the good people behind the scenes who made the Rush into the league’s best organization. I appreciate Mike Alzamora and the current front office for asking me back. It was different and the same. A little strange, in fact.

UIC beat Butler in baseball yesterday, 19-6, giving SulliDad a little room for bragging rights. BU hoops coach Brad Stevens threw out the first pitch and Hink the Bulldog caught it. (I kid) Two more between the Flames and Bulldogs today at the Mill. It’s a nice day; come on out.

BAD NEWS: Don’t get me started on the Bulls–debacle. Plus, Chicago baseball teams have struggled out of the gate. It has been ugly for the Sox and Cubs save for a few dazzling individual performances. At this point, I wouldn’t feel comfortable introducing a child to either squad. I’d be afraid he/she may choose St. Louis or the Twins instead. That would be unacceptable and grounds for dismissal.

SulliNursery needs to be organized. But look at all the sweet toys!


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Butler’s Business

As I was taking in the National Semifinal Saturday from my cozy seat inside the $720 million Lucas Oil Stadium which had a face value of $200, slightly less than I paid, I couldn’t help but ponder the $$ behind this Final Four run.

From how much it costs to build a custom floor, to the branded banners, to LED ribbons, scorer’s table, graphics for those boards, video production, concession sales, parking revenue, merchandise sales, etc. And, how much will Butler reap from this run?

A few outlets have covered the business side, including my favorite sports business reporter Darren Rovell. It will be really amazing to see what the final numbers are for sold licensed Butler merchandise. Rovell reports it could jump from $40,000 two years ago to a half million dollars when the final tallies are made.

Check out his report on more numbers about the run.

What does this have to do with our child? Not a lot, but after this run SulliMom will probably be able to find Butler merchandise in Chicagoland retail outlets more often. I’ve been trying to get UIC merchandise in more retail spots, but it’s not easy. Having Jim Nantz announce your last two games helps. It wouldn’t shock me if it was being sold in the UIC Bookstore like U of I Rose Bowl T-Shirts were a couple years back.

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SulliChild Souvenir Poll

As I sit in the royal village of Baaaaarrrrrrington awaiting the appropriate time to make an appearance at SulliMom’s Baby Shower, I am boring the dogs Mona and Libby. BUSTER is currently caged, but did get a quick break from captivity.

With that said what souvenir shall we bring back for SulliChild?

Mona (left) and Libby (right) are quite bored with blogging.

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SulliPredict, Final Four Crystal Ball

Four teams remain: WVU, BU, Duke and MSU.

I think my favorite comparison of the teams this week came from ESPN’s Pat Forde. Quality stuff.

But here are my simple Saturday predictions. Let’s see how I do.

National Semi #1
Butler 63
Michigan St 57

Butler has scored 63 points the last two games. Both wins. Syracuse had 59, K-State 56.

Michigan St. falls in the middle. I’ve watched a lot of both teams this season. This is hard to believe but Butler has better players–even if they had Lucas. I’m not sure Stevens can out-coach Izzo, but it won’t come down to that. Butler will play the game they are capable of but haven’t played yet in the tournament.

National Semi #2
Duke 72
West Virginia 70

I like both of these teams but haven’t watched a lot of either. What I have watched I’ve seen WVU play hard and with passion. Butler is very clutch. But as I’ve heard Huggins say on radio and TV, his team isn’t good enough to win at this level without playing a perfect game. That won’t happen tomorrow and Duke’s guards will make sure Coach K advances to another championship game. (That is a must-watch link)

I’ll be there; I’ll be sure to provide exclusive coverage.

LASTLY: In conclusion, the great Jim Furner passed an e-mail along that made me laugh out loud. It hit home because I just received one that almost made me forward it to the required 20 people before reality set in and my lack of hitting send wouldn’t destroy my family.

Humorous stuff from a humorous guy. Thanks Gym (Jim)

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April Madness On Demand – Awesome

SulliDad and K3-SulliGrandpa Game Two of 2005 World Series. We'll forge more awesome memories Saturday.

Classifying a chance to attend a Final Four awesome might be an understatement.

So, the fact that SulliMom and Dad are going to be inside Lucas Oil Stadium come Saturday evening is, let’s say, awesome-squared. We’re officially on the Road to the Final Four.

Thanks to former Butler hurler and fellow Bishop McNamara graduate Eric Yates—and to Vagina Doctor #37 for providing approval—we are on our way.

It wasn’t cheap. But we decided that for the rest of our lives we’d be spending on kids first so this might be the grand finale for us. I can check off Final Four on my bucket list and Molly will get to see something she probably didn’t think she’d ever see.

How could we not go?

In 2005, the White Sox advanced to the World Series and I was fortunate enough to purchase tickets thanks to a gentleman who knew how much it meant to me. To this day, attending Game Two of the World Series with my Dad is a Sulli-Top-Five Moment. This has to compare for Molly.

This will be something we’ll never forget and through photographic evidence we’ll be able to tell our child that they were there, too. I think participating in memorable activities with our soon-to-be growing family is something to which I really look forward.

This little trip also gives us a chance to spend the evening in BEARbonnais with K3-SulliGrandma and SulliAunt Kelly and attend mass at St. Pat’s on Easter Sunday before a trek to St. Charles to hang will SulliMom’s family.

All of these travels come on the heels of Molly’s Baby Shower Saturday in Elgin. I mean, bring your umbrellas—it’s a shower!

This decision also has bearing on Push Gift status. I will say it again—SulliMom has not pressured or requested said gift. But, this trip now becomes the inaugural Push Gift. And speaking of Push Gift, it is amazing how divided people are on knowledge of this tradition. It seems like it is 50/50 whether people have heard of the term Push Gift.

Just for poops and laughter, provide us with what you would like Molly’s pregnant belly to be inscribed with for the national television audience. (Disclaimer: SulliMom, I’m pretty sure, wouldn’t take part in such activity) I would put something on my chest, but I’m deceptively hairy in that region thus rendering any expression worthless. Reply below. Okay, I’ll start:

Bellys For Bulldogs
Breeding Ground
My Kid Looks Older Than Our Coach (Yes, I agree, that storyline is getting old)

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Children Picking Sides

SulliMom has filed the paperwork to change her last name to Hinkle after her Butler Bulldogs have accomplished the unthinkable: Advance to a Final Four.

Not just any Final Four. A Final Four in Marion County. Congratulations to Butler Nation…and all those people I mentioned Thursday.

But all this has me a little concerned. For what teams will SulliChild root? Mom’s or Dad’s teams?

I guess that remains to be seen. And at this point, I can’t say I have a lot of research to support a child rooting for UIC. But I feel good about the youngster following my lead in the end. (maybe I should I just worry about changing diapers, sleep deprivation and onesies)

I was searching for an article on kids picking teams and I came across Fred Bowen and his column for the Washington Post–KidsPost. This guy has some good stuff. I kind of want his job. What a great gig.

To travel to Indy, or not? That is a question being contemplated at this point. SulliMom will consult with SulliOBGYN Monday to see what she (I say she, but there are like 43 Vagina Doctors at her office) has to say about it.

Official merchandise may have to suffice.