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Liam’s Life

Yes, yes it’s true. It’s been two weeks since the last post. I’ve received several complaints. Strangely, I’ve received zero donations.

With that said here are some key items of note in Liam’s recent life (does he have a non-recent life? It’s been only six months).

-Halloween has come and gone. Liam made for a pretty solid spider. Well done to SulliMom for finding the costume and finding the deal (through Pottery Barn Kids, I believe). Sadly our residence received just three trick-or-treaters. Not so sadly, a plethora of candy was then left for me.

Liam promoting pumpkins

Spider TIme

Mmmm spider legs

-First haircut. I’ll admit it–it was time. Despite my public proclamations supporting the preservation of Liam’s mullet, it had become out of control and unacceptable. Check out the video of the big event. You’ll notice that it didn’t phase Liam–mostly because there was a mirror in front of him. I think he gets that from his father–Grandma Sully, can you confirm that?

-Tooth Time. Erupting through the bottom gum in the front, a tooth has officially become present. Congrats to Liam. The official blog photographer was unable to capture this event in real time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

-Blog stalker. There is a fan of the SulliDad blog residing in Indianapolis who finally gets her day in lights, er, html code. Steph (and Christine) it was fun to see you–and thanks!

Steph with Liam, without pizza sauce at Giordano's

-Retirement Party. A great person recently retired as teacher and coach from Bishop McNamara High School–Ken Klipp. Coach Klipp mentored me during my prep years (yes, it was Class A) and his words echo in my mind to this day. He was a damn good coach only to be surpassed by his success as a human. I wish him only the best.

-Liam and the Exersaucer. Liam loves his play center. But he likes chewing on items even more, including the camera…

-Guest Blogger. From the many calls and e-mails spewing disappointment from my lack of blogging, one of the more expected came from my own wife’s father. The accused offered to guest blog and now it’s time for Mr. Stearns to put his laptop where his mouth is and craft some english. This goes for anyone who may be interested. As you can see, I could use the help. Send your entries to sullidadchicago@gmail.com.

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SulliDad Featured On ChicagoNow Blogroll

Wee Windy City is an informative look at events & happenings for kids and families in the best city in the world.

The author, Caitlin, also has her own personal blog which is great as well. She was kind enough to add SulliDad Chicago to her list of Chicago parenting sites on Wee Windy City.

So check her out; she has a preview of the Harlem Globetrotters coming to the United Center…and a coupon code!

I recall my parents taking me to see the Globetrotters at the Rosemont Horizon when I was little. That Halloween, I went as a Harlem Globetrotter despite hailing from Kankakee, not Harlem.

Little did I know then I would spend a fair amount of time in and around Harlem when SulliMom lived in Morningside Heights, (she lived on that street) which bordered Harlem, while she was working at Fordham.

I miss traveling there, but I’m pretty happy I don’t live several states away from SulliMom anymore.

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