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Please Send $220,000 Now

Now they tell me.

The cost of raising Liam from birth until he is 17 is more than $222,000, according to a recent report. That doesn’t include college savings. Crap.

I mean, I would have been a little more careful in Ireland if this report from U.S. Department of Agriculture came out last year. Which begs the question, Why is the department of agriculture doing a study like this?

Read the story and start clipping the coupons.

U.S. Rally Foiled By Malian Referee: We hosted a really great World Cup Watch Party at Union Park Lounge this morning to see the U.S. and Slovenia finish level at 2 apiece. UIC guy Jay DeMerit once again represented well for the good guys. It was a lot of fun. Not fun was the brutal call by the referee. Mistakes are made, but FIFA needs to clean up the debacle that is international officiating. I’m not a homer; it happened to Germany today, too. Okay, I’m a mini-homer. THIS JUST IN: Yahoo! is reporting that FIFA will provide an expedited performance review. Way to go FIFA.

White Sox Beat Strasburg: Okay, Sox hurler Gavin Floyd allowed his squad to get the win over the Nationals and Stephen Strasburg. He went toe to toe with the phenom and the south siders are suddenly rolling. I love playing the NL.


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Christening The Weekend

I previewed the weekend last week and here are the highlights:

-Liam squirms his way into the Catholic Church.
A short and sweet ceremony welcomed Liam into the Catholic faith Saturday. Family joined us at Palace del SulliParents post-church with Connie’s breakfast pizza making everyone feel better about the cramped environment. In addition, solid desserts were provided by family members along with a surprisingly fair-priced and tasty cake from Bake for Me. I recommend it. Liam still smells like Holy Oil. Father Andre really made sure he had enough, even mohawking his hair with it.


-USA finishes level with England.

Liam and Joseph sporting sweet DeMerit, USA apparel. Hi Allison!

Liam and I changed into our stars and stripes gear for the greatly anticipated USA-England World Cup match following the holy festivities. Liam was sporting his T-Shirt Deli produced and dad-designed Jay DeMerit onesie. Following an intriguing first half which saw a quick strike by the Three Lions followed by a Clint Dempsey strike on which the English goalie couldn’t find the horns, we made our way to Tavern in Wicker Park for the final 45. We were denied entry as children were not allowed. But we found a perfect window to view the match and enjoyed the atmosphere. A good result for the USA as Jay was superb for the US. We’ll see you Friday morning for the UIC Watch Party at Union Park.

God bless America.

-SulliDad announces US Women’s Triathlon Series-Naperville.
I always enjoy my announcing gigs and this one was no different. It was very cool to see all these women–2,000 in total–accomplish their goal.

My view while announcing the Tri.

But, I did use a portolet and it appears it had never been serviced…yummy.


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Weekend Event Listing

It’s not exactly like Forrest Gump running across America and deciding one day to be done, but for the weekend, I think I’m done blogging.

People are taking Things Unsaid Project poster tabs. Have you written your letter or passed it along?

Poor photography skills, but AC Milan practice at UIC today.

I’ll be busy and, more specifically, spending a lot of time where the Internet doesn’t roam.

-Running to the lakefront Saturday morning to cheer on some friends competing in the Soldier Field 10 Miler.

-Viewing USA vs. Turkey in the World Cup sendoff. (I may try and sneak over to Niketown to purchase a Jay DeMerit jersey. Is this a legal time for an adult to wear another man’s jersey?)

-Announcing Chicago Red Stars soccer at Toyota Park.

-Traveling to the lake house in Michigan for the remainder of the weekend. Relaxing with Liam, SulliMom and a host of others. Maybe a little Redamak’s and Four Winds.



School Pride Goes Global For U.S. World Cup Team Defender

Many who know me realize that I possess a significant amount of school pride for my collegiate alma mater, UIC.

This is also true for my secondary institution, Bishop McNamara. (Okay, and St. Martin of Tours for grammar school)

But I digress.

Working at UIC, points of pride come across my desk all the time. Students earning an internship or job offer after a letter of recommendation, teams winning titles, GPA’s soaring, personal bests being surpassed, etc. I’m on a campus committee for a special faculty/staff award and at our meeting today the depth of nominees discussed made me proud to be a member of the UIC community.

But there’s something especially cool about the announcement from U.S. Soccer today that confirmed that Jay DeMerit is one of the 23 men who will represent our country in the FIFA World Cup. (He’s also feeling the heat from the British tabloids for talking about the American’s upcoming tournament opener with England) Jay played at UIC while I was running for the Flames. His journey to the top of the soccer world is an epic and tantalizing novel. (Take a moment and read about it; very cool story) We remain in touch and although we’re not close, I simply feel proud of and impressed by his accomplishments. Our friend Pete Vina is traveling to Philadelphia to help send-off Sam’s Army and man it would be sweet to join him there, not to mention to be in South Africa for the event.

I look forward to visiting the T-Shirt Deli and picking up a customized USA, #15 onesie for Liam. I want the pride to rub off on the little guy. Plus, I’d like the lesson of perseverance to be learned early. Jay’s story defines that pretty well.

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What Would Your Child’s Ringtone Be?

Imagine for a moment that your child–under, let’s say, eight years old–had a cell phone.

To what tune would you set their ringtone when they called?

I’ve known Liam for just over a week now. I can’t think of the perfect song, but I think something with varying tempo would work. The song that comes to mind is Zombie Nation (classic video link). But Liam typically has a very serious face. So maybe the jingle for ABC News would work.

Liam peeing all over his Dad. Cripes.

Maybe I should find a song about urine control. As he slept on my chest today (see photo) the little guy decided to unleash through his diaper onto my commemorative Jay DeMerit T-Shirt. Because he was comfy, I remained there for about an hour with a very damp shirt. He woke up, looked at me and smirked. He was then grounded.

GOOD SPORT OR BAD DECISION? Have you seen the story about the local collegiate golfer who took a double-bogey on purpose to allow a competitor to advance to the national tournament? The beneficiary of this move is a student at Olivet Nazarene in Bourbonnais near my hometown and it has become a national story. Take a read and place your vote.

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