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There’s An App For That: Liam’s Walk Of Shame

This is a simple play on words.

The title of this post makes little sense.

But in my short time as a dad, watching Liam walk – actually full out big-kid walk – toward me with a huge smile on his face is one of the cooler feelings I’ve ever had. There was no shame in this walk. That phrase was used to increase readership. He has come leaps and bounds in his walking career over the last 10 days.

Watching Liam walk around the SulliCondo is a reality TV show. He’s not the first one-year old to look funny walking, but I love it. Congrats to Liam!

More congrats is in order for SulliMom who joined her intelligent husband in the world of iPhones last night. I hope she doesn’t drop it – no insurance. Like an infant, I’ve started her with the sippy cup of iPhones, the 3Gs. (I have the Nuk of iPhones, the 3G) We’ll see if she “walks” before she crawls.

READ IT: My good friend and birthday boy John Jaramillo has done what I’ve lobbied for for many years – begin blogging. The Stockyardsman will be the start of a professional blogging career for J-JAR. Mark my words – there’s no one better at humorous, fun and insightful writing than this guy. Follow him now while he’s still meat and potatoes. Happy Birthday John!

LISTEN TO/WATCH UIC SOFTBALL: Congrats to UIC softball – they’ve advance the Horizon League semifinals today at 1:30 PM. Check out Marathon Man on HLN live from Rogers Park. Good luck Flames.

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Sweet New Rides

As Liam starts to truly walk and become foot-mobile, it’s a pair wheeled vehicles that have piqued the one-year-old’s interest.

Liam cruising on the trike. (still working on pedaling)

The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe and the Little Tikes Trike have become new favorites.

We don’t have any room to park these contraptions but we knew that we may run into that issue when we purchased the place. I mean, parents who continue to have kids when living in small spaces should be reprimanded.

It was quite fun for Liam to share his birthday with his family, especially cousins Tess and Owen. It will be fun to watch these nerds (and future cousins) grow up together. We want to thank all of our friends and family for their generous gifting to Liam. He’s a lucky kid.

All of the gifts were great but it was his mom’s baking that makes the boys in the family really excited. Check out Liam’s destruction of his birthday cake!

Mmmm, cake.

In fact, prior to composing this post I downed extra homemade frosting Molly threw together for the cake and cupcakes.

BIG WEEKEND: In addition to Mother’s Day, it’s a busy weekend for me this weekend. I’ll be announcing the Wisconsin Marathon Saturday morning followed by a three-game UIC baseball series with #9 Georgia Tech at The Mill.

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Liam’s Birthday And His New Job: Big Brother

Liam, Day One.

A year ago tonight, Liam Fredric Sullivan arrived into the world.

That was a really cool night. I’ll never forget it. Fast forward to tonight and the last 365 days have been really cool, too. For example, Liam now walks a bit. He uses a spoon fairly well. He can give high-fives. He says Ma-Ma and Da-Da. He also destroys food. He smiles a lot.

Happy 1st Birthday Liam!

Liam and his Birthday Cupcake. Stuffing His Face.

Enjoy it buddy because you’re about to become a big brother. We have the ultrasound photos to prove it.

Liam on Easter

That’s right, SulliBaby II is scheduled to arrive November 1. We couldn’t be happier. Perhaps a little sooner than was printed in the family syllabus, the anticipation of Liam’s sibling is already building quickly.

Check out the latest photos in the SulliAlbum stretching back to the Blizzard of 2011.

The blog is back, just like MJ wearing the Four – Five.

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The End Of The Road

When you go more than a month without a blog post you are no longer a blogger.

Thus, the run of SulliDad blogging has come to end.

SulliFamily during their recent voyage to the happiest place on earth.

Like some of the more important streaks of all-time, this project too has a conclusion.

I do hope to continue blogging in a professional mode talking about sports business, marketing, road races, public address announcing, etc. Then, perhaps when I’m able to find more time this blog will return. I mean, I’m a busy guy. Plus, as Liam grows up I’d like to keep what I share in a more secure manner. I am not shutting down SulliDad Chicago overall. The blog is over for now. But the site will live on for family updates, additional photos (via Flickr, now updated, see SulliAlbum), new videos (via YouTube), etc. If we’re lucky enough to add members to our family in the future I’m sure that would call for a return to the keyboard.

In just under 12 months, the site has received 20,018 unique visits. That is cool and scary at the same time. If you have suggestions, questions or feedback please don’t hesitate to reply to this post or e-mail sullidadchicago@gmail.com.

The job of Dad is a cool one. Sometimes I have no idea what I’m doing. In other instances it seems to come pretty easy. But each day brings something new, something smelly and something that makes me smile. I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.

Thanks for reading. And Go BEARS!



Nudity Not Here

(using the term nudity was a ploy to get you to open this post since it’s been so long. As it states there is no nudity here. please enjoy your visit.)

During recent blog research the key to a successful, amateur blog is consistent and constant news. That is, an update each day.


I’m making an early New Year’s Resolution-minimum of twice a week on the update. Now, in about two months the SulliDad blog will reach its one-year anniversary. At that point, I will evaluate the situation and decide whether to continue.

Preview of the holiday party attire

To keep up with Liam I truly need to update the blog each day. He is getting stronger each day, close to full crawling and slowing down on the drool. He sleeps in the same position each night. He loves random specks of lint on the floor. Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is already a staple of our home (don’t judge us for allowing television this early). Yup, I just googled Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Weird. He is just getting over a little illness. He’s enjoying his first antibiotic, which he loves. It tastes like bubble gum he told me. But he is a really good sharer. SulliMom and SulliDad were able to enjoy the bug too.

Liam rocking the FBI attire. Liam has friends in the bureau. But he can't reveal their names. Bureau guidelines. Thanks S & S.

He sits up pretty much without aid and his hair continues to spiral out of control. He is learning how to clap and wave. Funny noises spew from many parts of his body. We’re enjoying letting the little guy roam, scoot and roll all over his room playing. All in all he’s a lot of fun.

What’s not fun is bad news…Bad news and bad things happening to good people. I believe this will be a tough lesson to teach Liam because I have a difficult time with it despite an even keel demeanor. I’ve heard a lot of bad stories lately–I can only believe there is a reason that is way beyond my ability to comprehend. Our prayers and thoughts are with a couple of very important people/families.

Just hangin' out with Mom

My sister is getting married. I was thinking about that the other day. It’s nuts but outstanding. I think the date is set: St. Patrick’s Day, 2012. St. Patrick’s Church. K3. If you’re not invited, crash it.

Here’s something to consider–I’m lazy. I have completely bailed on running. This will change soon. Mark my word, er, blog: I will run at minimum a half-marathon in 2011. You heard it here first. I need a race to provide a little motivation. Who’s with me? Which one should I run?

I enjoy finding shops, stores and outlets that I think I’m the only one who knows about especially around the holidays. For example, despite Molly discovering it, the Bridgeport Bakery. Near Archer & Loomis, it is for real. An old school, no frills outlet, it provides a refreshing alternative to our standards-Panera and Starbucks. Check it out for donuts, bread and more.

Another staple of my holiday shopping is The Tie Bar. Check it out. Post your good finds please–I’ll steal them and say I found them.

UIC men’s hoops is struggling, but come out to the United Center this Saturday and watch the Illini and Flames tangle at the home of the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks.

Part of the lack of blogging is due to consistent television time. Big appointments in front of Mr. Samsung include The Sing Off, Biggest Loser, Law & Order SVU and LA (Not bad actually), ESPN 30 for 30 and How I Met Your Mother. Liam does prefer the aforementioned Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but enjoys SportsCenter, too.



Liam’s Life

Yes, yes it’s true. It’s been two weeks since the last post. I’ve received several complaints. Strangely, I’ve received zero donations.

With that said here are some key items of note in Liam’s recent life (does he have a non-recent life? It’s been only six months).

-Halloween has come and gone. Liam made for a pretty solid spider. Well done to SulliMom for finding the costume and finding the deal (through Pottery Barn Kids, I believe). Sadly our residence received just three trick-or-treaters. Not so sadly, a plethora of candy was then left for me.

Liam promoting pumpkins

Spider TIme

Mmmm spider legs

-First haircut. I’ll admit it–it was time. Despite my public proclamations supporting the preservation of Liam’s mullet, it had become out of control and unacceptable. Check out the video of the big event. You’ll notice that it didn’t phase Liam–mostly because there was a mirror in front of him. I think he gets that from his father–Grandma Sully, can you confirm that?

-Tooth Time. Erupting through the bottom gum in the front, a tooth has officially become present. Congrats to Liam. The official blog photographer was unable to capture this event in real time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

-Blog stalker. There is a fan of the SulliDad blog residing in Indianapolis who finally gets her day in lights, er, html code. Steph (and Christine) it was fun to see you–and thanks!

Steph with Liam, without pizza sauce at Giordano's

-Retirement Party. A great person recently retired as teacher and coach from Bishop McNamara High School–Ken Klipp. Coach Klipp mentored me during my prep years (yes, it was Class A) and his words echo in my mind to this day. He was a damn good coach only to be surpassed by his success as a human. I wish him only the best.

-Liam and the Exersaucer. Liam loves his play center. But he likes chewing on items even more, including the camera…

-Guest Blogger. From the many calls and e-mails spewing disappointment from my lack of blogging, one of the more expected came from my own wife’s father. The accused offered to guest blog and now it’s time for Mr. Stearns to put his laptop where his mouth is and craft some english. This goes for anyone who may be interested. As you can see, I could use the help. Send your entries to sullidadchicago@gmail.com.

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Uncle Buck I Am Not

I am not Uncle Buck.

I’m no Uncle Buck, but I am quite excited to be an uncle again after news came in that SulliMom’s eldest sister Sarah brought Owen Patrick into the world last night. Oh, I guess her husband Tom had something to do with it too.

All I have to say to Owen is: Watch out for your big sister Tess. I saw how “gentle” she was with Liam so take precautions. Just giving Tess a hard time–she was very good with Liam actually.

Congratulations to Sarah, Tom and Tess. It’s very exciting stuff.

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