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There’s An App For That: Liam’s Walk Of Shame

This is a simple play on words.

The title of this post makes little sense.

But in my short time as a dad, watching Liam walk – actually full out big-kid walk – toward me with a huge smile on his face is one of the cooler feelings I’ve ever had. There was no shame in this walk. That phrase was used to increase readership. He has come leaps and bounds in his walking career over the last 10 days.

Watching Liam walk around the SulliCondo is a reality TV show. He’s not the first one-year old to look funny walking, but I love it. Congrats to Liam!

More congrats is in order for SulliMom who joined her intelligent husband in the world of iPhones last night. I hope she doesn’t drop it – no insurance. Like an infant, I’ve started her with the sippy cup of iPhones, the 3Gs. (I have the Nuk of iPhones, the 3G) We’ll see if she “walks” before she crawls.

READ IT: My good friend and birthday boy John Jaramillo has done what I’ve lobbied for for many years – begin blogging. The Stockyardsman will be the start of a professional blogging career for J-JAR. Mark my words – there’s no one better at humorous, fun and insightful writing than this guy. Follow him now while he’s still meat and potatoes. Happy Birthday John!

LISTEN TO/WATCH UIC SOFTBALL: Congrats to UIC softball – they’ve advance the Horizon League semifinals today at 1:30 PM. Check out Marathon Man on HLN live from Rogers Park. Good luck Flames.

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SulliBelly At 39 Weeks

SulliMom en route to the office Thursday morning. SulliBaby appears to be dropping, or lightening as the VD says. She really enjoys being photographed

What a gorgeous day in Chicago–temperatures stretching into the ’80’s! After a run this morning SulliMom and I took the long route to work with a pit stop at Caribou Coffee which, currently, is not a UIC sponsor. The Marathon Man is working on it.

Take a look at the SulliBelly. Looking good. We’re just eight days from the due date–will the baby arrive before or after?

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Scarface School Play Scares Me – Awesome

Colleagues Miami U Hockey Fan; Redhawks in Frozen Four, JJAR and Marathon Man with elite politicians from two of the most crippled governments in the US - The State of Illinois and Cook County.

The Marathon Man passed along a link to me with a baffling video.

I’m not sure what to do with it, but it made me laugh and feel terribly uncomfortable all at the same time. It’s not a real school play, as Chicagoist pointed out to me via TMZ so take a deep breath.

I wonder if SulliChild will aspire to be a Thespian? If so, I will try to steer her/him to more classical selections/genres in lieu of Oliver Stone cult hits.

AWESOME AROUND TOWN: Typically, I wouldn’t give up an opportunity to visit the venerable Manny’s for lunch. But with a trip to the United Center on tap for tonight to catch Joe Alexander and the Bulls, I opted out for the usual and affordable: PB & J. Of course, today I miss out on meeting Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, his newly minted running mate Sheila Simon and new Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle.

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