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Liam’s Toe Jam

How does a 10-week-old get toe jam?

Weird, but Liam is compiling lots of fuzz between the toes. I was shocked to see one parent was actually concerned about this on one Web site. I am not concerned, for the record.

BYOB for Liam and his toe jam. Smitty creation on the shirt.

About 30 days ago I was concerned about the White Sox. Not so these days as the Good Guys take an eight-game winning streak into the All-Star break along with the AL Central lead. Not bad for a group nine games under .500 a month ago. Will Liam get to see postseason baseball in his first year on earth? For a Chicagoan, that would be pretty good.

#39: Happy Anniversary to my parents. Yesterday would have marked 39 years of marriage. I can imagine my Dad upstairs trying to find a weird gift for my Mom. I don’t think gifts were ever his thing. Just keep providing sunshine, Dad. Oh, and Sox victories. And a full college scholarship for Liam. That’s it for now.

NEW PHOTOS: Check the SulliAlbum to the right for updated photography. Apparently SulliMom has been hearing complaints. Sooo sorry.

RIP: We’ve lost one of the great public address voices of all-time: Bob Sheppard. One of the thrills of visiting old Yankee Stadium was hearing Sheppard on the call. Specifically his introduction of the Yankee captain. Now batting, the shortstop, #2, Derek Jeter (jee-tah)…#2. Read more about his life here. Hopefully the Sox and Yanks will tangle in the ALCS this year.

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Caution: Post Without Photos of Son

I know there are some readers who get very upset when posts are made without photographic evidence of Liam.


I have two quick shout-outs, if you will.

First, Happy Birthday to my Mom, Nancy, proud new grandma to Liam. She has had a tough go with things for the past several months, but I think our new arrival will keep a smile on her face. Hope you have a great day, Mom!

Second, get well wishes go out to our friend Curtis Granderson. As I was watching the Yanks attempts a comeback against the White Sox yesterday, Curtis was doing his usual thing against his hometown team: igniting a rally. He rounded second on a base hit and pulled up lame with a leg injury. I hope the rehab goes well! Friend him on Facebook and wish him well.

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