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Vacation Time

A lot of people say they like it when their mobile phones cease to work in remote areas on vacation.

I would like to be one of those people.

I am not.

I think I spend more time stopping by my phone to see if I might have an extra bar or two.

The Michigan Abode

Deep Woods In MI

El Lago

A run on the rolling hills

Regardless, I spent the last several days in Michigan at the Lake. Clear Lake, that is, in Buchanan where the compound is located. It was fabulous. Jameson, Five Guys–thanks to Justin and Uncle Larry (ridiculously awesome), Red Robin, cookies, Pat Stearns-made burgers and more Jameson. Ted and Emily time and White sister time. Naps, Liam hanging with Eva, some Molly-Shawn time and running around the surrounding nature. My pal Justin was there and we exchanged new parenting stories. I stayed away from work, but work returned in a big way today with a huge announcement at UIC. In addition, SulliMom got her first haircut since entering motherhood from an old Bulldog, Kron. She provided premium cookies, too.

Liam and Eva forming a bond. Check the album for a full photo cycle of these two super-cousins interacting.

Before we left, we had the chance to see the most famous soccer team in the world up close and personal–Man U. They were working out inside UIC’s weight room in preparation for several North American matches. Sir Alex nodded at me and winked at Molly. Or, it could have been the other way around. Either way, that was really cool.

But life has a way of leveling those great highs to remind you that it’s not all fun and games. My Dad passed away one year ago today. Simply, I can’t believe the one-year anniversary of that event is already here. I think about him a lot, but today a butterfly landed directly on my shirt. I never pictured my Dad as a butterfly, but perhaps it was fluttering like one of his old knuckleballs. It’s off to Kankakee tomorrow to see a bunch of family–and for some, meeting Liam for the first time. To those who sent thoughts and prayers today, thank you.

Here are a couple of anniversaries I’m looking forward to this week:

-The first anniversary for me and SulliMom
-The first anniversary of Mark Buehrle’s perfect game

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Quick Reads

It’s a pretty solid question: Why does the U.K. get four national soccer teams? Even funnier is the sub-header: Could we field a team from California or Texas?

And from the NY Times Motherlode blog, Ad-Libbed Parenting. Who does it? I have already. I think it’s really key to act like you know what you’re doing at all times. But, feel comfortable enough to seek help. Lisa Belkin authors this blog.

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Liam Gets His Good Looks From…

Who does Liam look more like: SulliDad or SulliMom?

Either way is fine with me. If you ask either of us, we’d both modestly tell you we are ridiculously good looking and awesome.

DIAPER UPDATE: We did a little price comparison on the Pampers diapers (thanks for the tip on Diapers.com Meredith). We compared Buy Buy Baby, where Molly stopped today to pick-up an 84-pack, and Diapers.com. I think in the long run Diapers.com will save us money if we purchase in bulk and we’ll be able to provide extra discounts to our pals the Spielman’s who referred us to the site. Don’t worry friends, I’ll be sure to let you know our account name so we can reap the benefits of referral, too.

PLETHORA OF GIFTS: We, er Liam, have received a ton of gifts from our friends and family. We are blessed to say the least. Among the gifts doled out today, two of them make for a cool photo and an opportunity to give a shout-out. At UIC, I am lucky to work with Bob and Darla who run the local Quiznos. They are a pleasure to work with, their service is great and more importantly, they’re simply good people. They went out of their way to provide Liam with some Quiznos gear (check the photo) and bath toys. Very cool. Don’t forget to grab a toasty sub the next time you’re in our neighborhood.

Liam's new Q-Wear and Partizan bib.

Our new soccer coach at UIC, Sean Phillips, recently returned from a recruiting voyage to Serbia. He brought back a bib (check photo) for Liam touting Serbian soccer club, Partizan. He did this with the intent to stir up controversy among the Serbia natives who have played/play at UIC. Most, as I understand it, root for Red Star Belgrade–a big rival. This could create a windfall of Red Star gear and arguments in a language I don’t understand. Stay tuned. And, thanks Sean. (oh, if you have youngsters who like soccer, check out the UIC Soccer Camp.)



Butt Paste. I Repeat, Butt Paste.

I’ve had a lot of Firsts over the last week or so.

Another inauguration took place today for me when I was introduced to Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. This product is made with Peruvian Balsam to help with the common newborn symptom of Chapped A**.

So far so good. It has a nice texture to it, decent scent and the tube looks pretty unique. We’ll see if it works; it’s only day one for Liam and the diaper rash ointment.

A little father-son time.

FUN WITH MUSIC: We spent a little time as a family with the DVR tonight. Law & Order SVU, Friday Night Lights and ESPN’s 30 for 30 film, The 16th Man were on the menu. I like to do a little shimmy during the Law & Order theme music. SulliMom despises it and repeatedly requests the extinction of it, but tonight Liam joined me. It actually soothed him during a fussy period. Sorry Molly, the L & O dance isn’t going the way of the dinosaur.

FNL: How good is Friday Night Lights? Big fan.

MOVING THE CHAINS: Long time Chicago Rush fan and friend Jen Gilbert sent me a video via Facebook from the fan trip to Milwaukee to see the Rush and the Milwaukee Iron play a little Arena Ball Friday night. It showed some fans taking the Allstate Arena first down chant, MOVE THOSE CHAINS, on the road to the Bradley Center. Here’s a link to the video. (Not sure if you’ll be able to access if you’re not a Facebook user or a Friend of Jen.)

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Q & A With SulliDad

I’ve had many questions filter in from across the country. Many of which have been awesome in nature. I’d like to take a moment and answer those this evening while watching the Blackhawks. Come on guys, Nashville? It’s worse than losing to Cleveland. But the Sox won tonight. Thankfully we very well might have the best pitching staff in the AL.

Question: Do you know what gender SulliBaby is? -Art L., Iowa City, IA
Answer: No, we are awaiting a surprise. But I think it’s a boy. Thanks Art!

Question: What will you name the baby? -Lois K., Fullerton, CA
Answer: We have a few top choices, but think Irish and plain.

Question: Will you breast feed or go with formula? -Dr. Smitt, NY, NY
Answer: Neither. SulliMom will take care of that.

Question: Have you been getting plenty of sleep? You know, you must get your sleep now! -Lorda M., Hillcrest, IL
Answer: I’ve been sleeping fine. However, I’ve looked into it–you can’t bank good sleep now in order to use it once a newborn starts keeping you up at night. It’s science.

Question: How do you keep your fabulously toned lower body despite the stress of being an expectant father? -Herb F., Galveston, TX
Answer: Thanks for noticing, Herb. It comes down to two things: drinking water and running 12 minutes per day. Oh, and generic vitamins from Target.

Question: I saw your wife and she has really curly hair. How does she keep it so curly? -Regina R., Cicero, IL
Answer: It is a natural curl, Regina. However, she does nurture the curl with a couple of products that we found at the Maxwell Street Market.

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Family Time Expansion – Awesome

One of the most worrisome things I think about in preparation of parenthood can be summed up in question format?

How will we fit it all in everyday? Working, feeding, sleeping, changing, groceries, bathing, loving, communicating, and the list goes on.

I know it will happen after we get into a rhythm. I’m sure we’ll adapt just fine after a learning curve. But a recent report in the NY Times says family time is actually on the rise, which is somewhat of a surprise to me.

Practice time is running out. We’re just weeks away before there is an actual baby in our home. I think we’ve asked ourselves more and more lately, Can you believe this is really going to happen? We keep looking back to July and our wedding and think that this is happening all so quickly. But I am really excited to get going, make my mistakes, learn from them and become really good at being a dad.

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April Madness On Demand – Awesome

SulliDad and K3-SulliGrandpa Game Two of 2005 World Series. We'll forge more awesome memories Saturday.

Classifying a chance to attend a Final Four awesome might be an understatement.

So, the fact that SulliMom and Dad are going to be inside Lucas Oil Stadium come Saturday evening is, let’s say, awesome-squared. We’re officially on the Road to the Final Four.

Thanks to former Butler hurler and fellow Bishop McNamara graduate Eric Yates—and to Vagina Doctor #37 for providing approval—we are on our way.

It wasn’t cheap. But we decided that for the rest of our lives we’d be spending on kids first so this might be the grand finale for us. I can check off Final Four on my bucket list and Molly will get to see something she probably didn’t think she’d ever see.

How could we not go?

In 2005, the White Sox advanced to the World Series and I was fortunate enough to purchase tickets thanks to a gentleman who knew how much it meant to me. To this day, attending Game Two of the World Series with my Dad is a Sulli-Top-Five Moment. This has to compare for Molly.

This will be something we’ll never forget and through photographic evidence we’ll be able to tell our child that they were there, too. I think participating in memorable activities with our soon-to-be growing family is something to which I really look forward.

This little trip also gives us a chance to spend the evening in BEARbonnais with K3-SulliGrandma and SulliAunt Kelly and attend mass at St. Pat’s on Easter Sunday before a trek to St. Charles to hang will SulliMom’s family.

All of these travels come on the heels of Molly’s Baby Shower Saturday in Elgin. I mean, bring your umbrellas—it’s a shower!

This decision also has bearing on Push Gift status. I will say it again—SulliMom has not pressured or requested said gift. But, this trip now becomes the inaugural Push Gift. And speaking of Push Gift, it is amazing how divided people are on knowledge of this tradition. It seems like it is 50/50 whether people have heard of the term Push Gift.

Just for poops and laughter, provide us with what you would like Molly’s pregnant belly to be inscribed with for the national television audience. (Disclaimer: SulliMom, I’m pretty sure, wouldn’t take part in such activity) I would put something on my chest, but I’m deceptively hairy in that region thus rendering any expression worthless. Reply below. Okay, I’ll start:

Bellys For Bulldogs
Breeding Ground
My Kid Looks Older Than Our Coach (Yes, I agree, that storyline is getting old)

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