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Butt Paste. I Repeat, Butt Paste.

I’ve had a lot of Firsts over the last week or so.

Another inauguration took place today for me when I was introduced to Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. This product is made with Peruvian Balsam to help with the common newborn symptom of Chapped A**.

So far so good. It has a nice texture to it, decent scent and the tube looks pretty unique. We’ll see if it works; it’s only day one for Liam and the diaper rash ointment.

A little father-son time.

FUN WITH MUSIC: We spent a little time as a family with the DVR tonight. Law & Order SVU, Friday Night Lights and ESPN’s 30 for 30 film, The 16th Man were on the menu. I like to do a little shimmy during the Law & Order theme music. SulliMom despises it and repeatedly requests the extinction of it, but tonight Liam joined me. It actually soothed him during a fussy period. Sorry Molly, the L & O dance isn’t going the way of the dinosaur.

FNL: How good is Friday Night Lights? Big fan.

MOVING THE CHAINS: Long time Chicago Rush fan and friend Jen Gilbert sent me a video via Facebook from the fan trip to Milwaukee to see the Rush and the Milwaukee Iron play a little Arena Ball Friday night. It showed some fans taking the Allstate Arena first down chant, MOVE THOSE CHAINS, on the road to the Bradley Center. Here’s a link to the video. (Not sure if you’ll be able to access if you’re not a Facebook user or a Friend of Jen.)

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