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Is This Me?

I am an information junkie. I love reading just about anything in print, web, phone, book, etc.

But maybe I’m turning into a man who needs digital detox. I was grossly excited to read about the updated iPhone to be released in a few weeks, I’m listening to the television while I type this, I want a bigger/newer Mac, I love my mini video camera, and on and on.

But this story should assist me. Truthfully, I think I’m fine. I think the more you read, the better, as long as it doesn’t hinder more important things like, well, life!

GOLF: I’m headed to Lockport for the annual UIC golf outing Wednesday. I haven’t played in a long time. If there’s a sport I’d love Liam to play professionally, it’s golf. I could caddy, provide guidance, spend time with the family and take the requisite 8-12 percent for the retirement fund.

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