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Century Club

This week, SulliDad surpassed the 100 post mark on the blog.

It really has been fun. I love writing, sharing thoughts, giving my opinion and talking about my family. And, I appreciate all the great feedback on the blog, via text, on Facebook and through e-mail. That’s the best part–hearing from people on a variety of subjects. Since the inception, the site has received nearly 10,000 views! Thanks for reading and sharing.

SulliMom and Liam in the City Mini/Graco SnugRide on the first walk. There was a pit stop made at our pals' Reno and Zoe's place in our old building.

The Marathon Man passed along a really interesting story from the NY Times mag on the moral life of babies. It’s a bit of a long read so give yourself 15 minutes or so. Trust me, your brain will spin while your reading it.

Then, I keep encountering the story about chocolate baby formula. We’ve been fortunate to be successful with Liam and breastfeeding. In fact, I was able to give Liam his first bottle today. That was very cool.

But the outrage from parents on chocolate formula is intriguing to me. It’s like anything else–and more so when it comes to infants–if you don’t like it, don’t use it and stick to what works. I say the more options, the better. It may help some children and in turn some parents. I know if it helped our lives, we’d try it.

Other firsts today include: our first walk in the stroller (new pix in the SulliAlbum on the right column of the home page), the inaugural meeting for Liam with his cousin Tess and Aunt Sarah and a visit from our very good friends Smitty and Tina. I’ve missed Tess-she is so cute and getting so old! Seeing her helps me try to enjoy every second of Liam because I can see how they grow up so fast. I also emptied the Diaper Genie for the first time today. Holy defecation. It was crappy.

Lastly, our great realtor Scott Curcio stopped over and dropped off some sweet UIC and Butler onesies to go along with a really great historical shot of our early 1900’s building that I’ve been craving. It is sweet.

Speaking of great shots, thanks to local photographer Brian Palm who also provided a really great photo of our building when it lied in disrepair. It really captures the demise of the South Water Market and to see it today is amazing.

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Good And Referral Friday

Stations of the Cross.

The Passion of Christ.

On this Good Friday, it always brings me back to my grammar and high school days when these events were recalled at church.

As I enjoyed breakfast at Meli in Greektown this morning with Smitty and RJR we commented on how it would rain around 3 PM today. It hasn’t happened yet, but doesn’t it always seem to pour on Good Friday?

On this Good Friday, I want to tell you about a few really good people who helped us purchase our home. Most folks in these professions will tell you that a referral is the best thank you a client can give them. Well, this is my referral. I highly recommend the following folks if you are going to buy a home.

Scott Curcio

-Attorney (I’ve always wanted to say I have an attorney)
Mike Mazek

-Mortgage Guy
Willie Bren

Michelle Teague

The key to this quartet

Really Cute. Our niece Tess enjoying Pompeii.

is the “You Don’t Make Me Feel Like A Dumb Ass” factor. All of them answered questions and even answered questions they knew we had, but we may have felt a little silly asking them. A couple of them we discovered because of a referral. If you want to ask me about any of these folks, please let me know.

AWESOME: I’ve been lucky enough to hang out with our niece Tess over the last couple of days (and other members of Molly’s family; you guys are fun too!). She makes me realize just how fun and hard it will be to be a parent. She is so fun and adorable and at the same time I get so nervous that she might put something she shouldn’t in her mouth or fall funny on cement. I can imagine the ups and downs and highs and lows vary a ton. But she is funny. As I enjoy watching her, I can’t wait to have our baby out in public and watch her/him look around, eyes darting everywhere, reaching out to touch everything and trying to grasp exactly what’s going on. From afar, parenting appears to be a daily science project.

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